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A Fashion Switch

Last night I had a dream that Dar told me he didn’t really like me anymore, it was pretty sad.  Obviously when I woke up this morning, I texted him about said dream, and he agreed that it was sad.  He said that of course he still liked me, but generally he doesn’t like anyone this early in the morning.  It was 6:15 his time, oops.  I also had awful acid reflux/heart burn going on that woke me up at 2:30.  Related?  I’m not sure, but it was not a good night’s sleep to say the least.  I did turn the air conditioning off for the first time since about April and sleep with the window open though, that part was nice.

The rest of my Labor Day weekend ended up being just as boring as the rest of it.  On Monday the roommates and I went shopping for a new couch (we did not find one yet) and then watched absurd movies for the rest of the day. Piranha 3D, without the 3D, and She’s the Man because that movie is just hilarious and Channing Tatum is gorgeous.

Yesterday I got myself back into the swing of things with a workout after work.  3.25 mile run followed by abs and push-ups.  I then made myself go to the grocery store to stock up on staples for the week so I would stop living on leftover Chicken Fried Rice and pizza.  The rest of the night involved Season 3, disc 2 of SOA and making sure my DVR recorded Season 4, episode 1.  Dear Netflix, please hurry with disc 3!

In other news, I’ve decided it’s officially time to retire my beige and white purses for the year and switch to the fall collection.  Since I was obsessed with my newly purchased blue Coach bag last year, this one did not get nearly enough use and I figured that meant it should be first up in fall/winter rotation.

It’s purse love people.  It’s giant, holds everything, and has a center zip pocket that acts as a divider between the two sections.  Not to mention the swanky red interior :).  I bought this a few years ago, when I must have thought I was a millionaire because the price tag still makes me choke, but I loveeee it.  Dear LV, I missed you last year.  ❤ Kel.

Question of the day:

Can I eat a piece of chicken I cooked last Monday night? Or will I die?

TV is My Friend

Well, this past weekend was everything I wanted it to be.  Full of wine, TV, relaxation, and time with my couch.  I also accidentally went shopping and spent too much money, but that’s typical.  It really wasn’t my fault though, I had a $100 off coupon to Coach that expired on July 31, and I couldn’t let it go to waste.  I bought this, I really did need a black purse that can be used as a clutch and dressy bag for weddings and such.

I also bought that new Frizz Ease three-day straight crap, which I am in the process of reviewing, and from what I can tell it’s not crap at all.  I used it yesterday, and then ventured out in the 99 degree heat to run errands, eat lunch, etc, it’s still super straight today even after sleeping.  I’ll update you all tomorrow on the progress.  Yes, I will take one for the team and not wash my hair for a few days.

On Saturday night I discovered Netflix had release all of Mad Men to their instant queue, and yesterday I spent about 9 hours watching it with Adrienne.  I officially have an obsession, his name is Jon Hamm, aka Don Draper, aka sexy man beast.  However, did you know he’s only 5’11” ?  He looks so much larger than that on TV, it must be the shoulders…. mmm the shoulders, so broad and manly.  Oh, sorry, I got distracted.  Uh, thank god I get to see my boyfriend in three days, that’s all I have to say about that.  Although it was funny to hear the random comments popping out of mine and Adrienne’s mouth throughout the day.  Example:

Don to his daughter: “It’s ok, you can ride me around the living room.” (she wanted to go horse back riding with Betty)
Me: “I’ll ride you around the living room like a horse.”
Adrienne: “Mmmmhmmmm.”

Please send help, or men, the Mad Men marathon continues tonight.

I also watched the TLC special on Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo’s wedding, and at first it just made me miss Newlyweds, but the two of them as a couple grew on me.  Their wedding in the BVI looked really fun also.  Although, if I was interpreting conversations correctly, I don’t think she does a certain thing that men typically always want done.  Poor guy, first he marries Jess who wouldn’t give it up until marriage, and now he can’t get something else done.  Anyone else watch?  Did you interpret that also?

Alright, I’m out, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Oh Right, I’m Running a Half Marathon

With all the excitement about my new job, new house, and moving to a new city, I’d almost, almost, forgotten about my first half marathon in 10 days!  Alright, that’s a lie, I haven’t forgotten at all, but I really haven’t talked about it much recently.  Just yesterday however, I spent a good half an hour on map my run mapping out the course, and THEN I discovered you can watch a 3D video of the course you map out.  So I did that a few, ok 10 times.  It is pretty safe to say that I am already nervous, I can’t help it, I mean I did used to throw up before races in high school.

While there is no doubt in my mind that I can conquer the distance, I do have some goals for this race sitting in the back of my mind.  I was considering keeping them to myself, but hey what else is this blog for then for talking about things of this nature.  So, here we go.

  • Goal A: If there are perfect race conditions on that morning, (no rain, no wind, no stuffy nose or other illness) I really want to break 2 hours.  My 10 miler last weekend at 9:07 pace would put me in this category, so I think it’s an attainable goal.
  • Goal B: Because crap happens, the weather can suck, you can feel like ass, etc I want to run the whole thing under a 10 min/mile pace.  I’m hoping this one will be easy.
  • Goal C: Everything falls apart, the weather, my leg, and I die, I just want to finish the race in one piece, and be able to walk after because I don’t have health insurance currently, so injuries will have to be left untreated.

Not too lofty of goals I don’t think.  Now, since there are 10 days to go the only thing left to do is stalk the forecast obsessively.  I’ve run three races in my life, two of them have been in the pouring rain, I’d like to not add to that number.  Let’s hope for sunshine and not too cold of temps. Who else is running the Philadelphia Half or Full on November 21?  What are your goals?!

And because lately this seems to have become a shopping/fashion blog, I can’t leave you without something along those lines.  I was stalking Fed Ex shipping yesterday, and squealed in delight when I saw my new Coach bag was “on truck for delivery”.  I raced home at the end of the day, and sure enough there was this lovely package sitting on my front steps.

I tore open the packing tape the minute I was inside, and found another prettily wrapped box. (TWSS?)

Finally, I pulled my gorgeous new bag out.

Even prettier in person than it was online, and I’m so happy I went with the blue over the gray!  It’s the perfect size, and the shoulder strap is awesome for keeping it out of the way when you have to buy things, like multiple bottles of red wine.  I mean of course I had to test out its functionality right away.  It passed the test.

Oh, and I actually did work out last night, funny how that got pushed to the bottom of the post.  My training plan recommended a 4×1 mile workout at 8:15 pace.  Sounded hard to me from the get go, so I decided to play it by ear.  I did a half mile warm-up at 10 min/mile pace before getting into my mile repeats.  As expected, the first one sucked and felt really fast, but at the same time took forever to end.  How does that work?  Anyway, I walked a .25 mile recovery before diving into the next mile.  Mile 2 didn’t suck as much, but it still wasn’t fun.  Made it through and walked another .25 recovery.  It was at this point that I made a deal with myself to at least make it through one more, and then stop if I really wanted to.  I did my 3rd mile repeat and my legs felt heavy and slow the whole time, plus my IT band felt tight.  Meh I totally bailed on the 4th one, but whatever.  I think I still benefitted from the point of the workout.  At the finish, the run was 4.5 miles in 44:10.  Whatever, I’ll take it.

Oh hey, it’s Thursday, 7 more days left at my current job and 16 days until moving day!  Do I need to start packing yet?