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Holding Pattern, Again

Well, I don’t want to jinx it but I think I’m getting better!  I only sound like I have tuberculosis for a few hours in the morning, and then my cough pretty much subsides until it’s time to go to bed and then I can kill it with codeine.  I’m still quite congested, but my face doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode anymore, and I have a plethora of decongestants at my disposal here at work.  Thank god, seriously, because after being sick for over a month now I am ready to feel better.

Something else I am ready to do? Work out again! I’m getting SO fat, and I’m not just saying that to be dramatic. Every morning when I get dressed I have to strategically pick something that stretches because I am expanding at an alarming rate.  With a trip to Vegas next month and a wedding to be in the month after that, this is not the time to pack on the pounds.  Luckily, I was feeling well enough by the end of the day yesterday to head to the gym for the first time in over a week.  I did 60 minutes of cardio split between the elliptical (40 min) and the treadmill (20 min of hill walking) followed by a one minute plank.

It felt good to be back in the gym, even though I took it easy and didn’t break too much of a sweat.  I’m thinking about finally taking advantage of all the classes my work gym offers and heading to spin at noon today.  Someone remind me to go over there at 11:30?  There’s also a yoga class on Monday nights I want to start taking, I need to switch things up, and after falling off the Live Fit wagon two weeks ago I don’t really think I’m going to get back on.  I enjoyed building muscle and really feeling stronger, but it was just bulking me up without slimming me down, and I couldn’t wait 4 more weeks to get to Phase 3 and see if I slimmed down then.  I need to workout in a way that I know works for me.




Happy Tuesday, hope it’s not terrible.