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Chick-fil-A Temptations

As far as Monday’s go, yesterday wasn’t as horrible as it had the potential to be.  It was Monday, it was raining, and I was sleep deprived, but I made it through the day and even out to the gym.  Ah, the gym.  Not someplace you would typically expect to encounter numerous Chick-fil-A party platters right?  Well if you are me, and you went to my gym last night you’d be wrong.  I walked in the front doors and the first thing I see is my friend holding a giant platter of Chicken Nuggets (he works there).  “You want some?” he asks.  Oh do I!  Only my favorite fast food eva, of course I do!  Now get that platter the hell away from me.  Then I ran away to the treadmill.  Phew that was a close call.  They also had platters of the various wraps and chicken salad sandwiches.  Why do you do this to me LA Fitness, why?!  Thankfully there was a crowd of teenage boys playing basketball that managed to demolish everything, and it was all gone by the time I finished my workout.  This is why I don’t bring my wallet to the gym, I totally would have gotten in my car and driven to Chick-fil-A (it’s practically across the street) instead of going home to make dinner.

Oh right, the workout.

Yes, my chest and shoulders are quite sore today, but it’s a good feeling since I had really been slacking in the strength training lately.  Perhaps there will be some more weights in my future tonight.

For dinner, I was planning on eating the rest of my tofu lo-mein but when I got home my mom had already gotten to it.  Well, I should say she got to the rest of the noodles and some of the tofu and veggies.  Good thing tofu, peppers, onions, carrots, and broccoli make an excellent salad and pizza topper!

There is spinach and lettuce under all that yumminess.

And also on my flat bread pizza crust.

Sooooo good.  I think I’m developing an addiction to flat bread pizza, which means I need to go to TJ’s to buy more flat bread.  Did anyone watch Gossip Girl last night?  It’s my guilty pleasure, the clothes, the shoes, the drama!  It didn’t feel right watching Vanessa and Dan together, I felt all awkward and uncomfortable.  Anyone else agree?  Blair and Chuck though, they are my favorite!  I heard a nasty rumor that they split for good this season, that would make me very very unhappy so hopefully it is not true.

It’s Tuesday, so LOST tonight!  Woooo can’t wait!  Alright, well I hope everyone has a fabulous day!