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The Windy City

Well I’m in Chicago, and as expected, my flight was delayed.  Not until I actually got to the airport though, so there was a lot of standing around, followed by sitting around on the plane, we finally took off an hour and fifteen minutes late.  When the beverage cart came by you bet your ass I bought a glass of white wine.  Hey at least they showed 30 Rock episodes during the flight, that was pretty awesome.

Wednesday at work was pretty decent.  I got in one final lunchtime workout for the week, 33 minutes on the elliptical and some core work, and then pretty much just sat around waiting for the day to end.  My favorite part of the day?  Setting up my out of office email notification approximate two minutes before someone sent me work.  Hahahahaha suckersssssss, find someone else to do it, i’m out till Monday.

Instead of actually packing last night like I should have, I spent many hours on the couch watching Man v. Food and drinking wine with Danielle.  It was lovely, and also probably part of the reason I woke up at 8 am today dying of thirst.  Oh well.

Since I was up at the crack of dawn on my day off, I caught a showing of Miracle that started at 8 and kept me occupied and unproductive until 11.  Woops.  I decided not to waste $75 trying to jump on an earlier flight out, and instead enjoyed  a relaxing day.  Once I finished packing, I headed on over to the nail salon and treated myself to a mani/pedi.  Hey it cost less than switching flights would have!

I made it to the airport and through security relatively quickly, only to stand around waiting to board the plane, but I already said that.  The most interesting event of the evening was when a plane that was supposed to fly out to Chicago had to come back to the gates and deboard, after sicking on the runway for three hours.  Some quick math in my head had me thinking that it was probably the 2:30 flight I was thinking about switching too.  Thank god I didn’t.  I would much rather deal with my hour delay, then three hours on the runway, cancelled flight, and other nonsense.

Dar should be getting here any minute to hang out in our room with two full size beds, haha.  Oh, and this had me dying before I left.  Pumpkin tried to pack her baby in my suitcase (she carries that little stuffed dog around the house like a weirdo).  I guess she wanted to come with me, she was a mess this morning while I was packing and even barfed all over the floor.  She has serious attachment issues.

Alright, well I’ll be back at least once more this weekend, maybe.  If not expect a major weekend recap post on Sunday.  Later.


First, to the douche that was beeping at me to change lanes, as I was trying to merge on from the exit this morning, S my D.  All you accomplished by honking your horn was make me wonder who was beeping, look around more to make sure I wasn’t going to hit anyone, therefore taking longer to merge.  You suck.

Second, it’s Thursday already?  Well hot damn, I can get behind that.  I think the roommates and I are going to see Bridesmaids tomorrow night, because despite lame looking previews I’ve heard it’s absolutely hilarious.  Apparently it also takes place in Milwaukee and I could use to see something fun taking place in Wisconsin.

Third, the spin instructor never showed up for spin last night and since I was already on the bike peddling for 15 minutes waiting, I decided to just grab my iPod and teach myself a class.  I was in “I want to take a spin class” mode and I knew if I tried anything else I just would have slogged through it.  I did 60 minutes listening to Adele, and I think I gave myself a better workout than the instructor typically does.  I’ll take it.  I wrapped up my workout with body weight squats, and plie squats with a 12lb medicine ball.

Somehow it managed to escape me this week, that my trip to Chicago is exactly a month away!  Granted I will actually need to do some work while I’m there, but I’m still excited to see the city in the warmer month of June.  March was nice, but still a tad cold.  I’m still trying to figure out a way to skip out of my conference a little early on Saturday and make it to Wrigley to see the Cubs play the Yankees.  Seems like sort of a once in a lifetime event that I don’t want to miss.  Stupid work getting in the way of fun things.

Alright, I actually have a shit ton of work to do this week, so I suppose I should get on that.  One more day until the weekend!

Where We Stayed

A few months before my trip, Amy forwarded me a sweet Living Social deal for a one night stay at Hotel Raffaello at a price we could afford in the area we wanted to stay.  I sent the info on to Darren, and we quickly had our two nights booked.

The hotel itself is an older, boutiquey type place, but very cute.  The rooms looked like they had recently been renovated, and ours was way more space than we needed.  The king size bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in.  The two tiny elevators were really the only thing that gave away the buildings age.


sitting room area


The shower was the best part


I really liked the hotel, especially for its location.  We only took a cab one night, and walked everywhere else the rest of the weekend.  Definitely cute, check it out if you’re looking for somewhere nice to stay in Chicago.  Also, Dar and I payed for the stay ourselves, (ok he paid for it) so they have no idea I’m giving them a review, just my thoughts on the matter.  Also, Darren wanted to know why I didn’t post any pics of him where you can see his tattoos.  I told him it was because they are frightening.  He disagrees.  So let’s see what the general consensus is.




If I remember correctly, he started getting them when he was 17?  Men.  The two on his back are the same on both sides.  Anyway, they scare me, and I know him.  Also, that cork screw was the most worthless piece of crap ever.  I just wanted some damn wine!

Due to extreme exhaustion by the end of the day yesterday, I did not run or work out at all.  I went home and laid on the couch, only to transition to my bedroom at 9 pm.  I also still have not unpacked.  Who knows when that will happen.  I’m currently on cup of coffee number two for the day, so hopefully I’ll have some more energy for the 7 miles scheduled for tonight.  Laterrrrrrrrrr.