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Plan of Attack

Hello! How has everyone’s week been? Mine has been mostly good, with the exception of Tuesday which I told to suck a dick, but let’s not dwell on that.  Work is absolutely crazy right now, which I was prepared for since last August-November was the exact same, and on top of all the “real” work I’m about to start studying for my Regulatory Affairs Certification.  I haven’t taken or studied for anything since college, I’m nervous.  The test is at the end of November and review sessions start next week…. I guess I should read the first three chapters of the book, huh?

So, clearly I’ve recently started going out more, and since I’m not longer 21 and afforded the luxury of escaping the craziest of nights hangover free I’ve learned to plan my happy hours accordingly.  You see, I work from home on Thursdays which means on Wednesday nights I can stay out a little later/drink a little stronger because I can stay in my pajamas all day nursing myself back into shape for Thursday night.

Thursday happy hours work out well because I’m home all day, and have time to shower/straighten the hair before heading out for the evening.  The problem I face on Thursday night’s is exercising enough self-control so I don’t hate my life in the office on Friday.  Normally I’m pretty good at that, but sometimes it’s a little more difficult.  Like last night, for example.

One of my friends is moving to Boston at the end of the month, so last night we had a little going away happy hour for him.  It started innocently enough with a  few pitchers of sangria, then we changed locations, and this happened.

you can’t very well turn down a bottle of free champagne!

free champagne credit all goes to Michelle

happy people

Somehow, thankfully, I woke up on time this morning not feeling too terrible.  Probably helps that I did manage to make it home by around 11 pm. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I was lucky enough to have a summer hours Friday today.  Sigh.  Weeknight happy hours: better than late night drinking outings since 2008.  Happy Friday!

I Actually Did Things!

You guys want to see something funny?  Not funny “haha”, but funny “just my luck”.

At least it will be nice the day we leave?  Seriously though, I think the weather is going to be better in DC this weekend.  Sigh, that’s typical.  You have 4 days to get your act together Vegas and act like a desert.  Do it.

Anyway, no news on the house yet, apparently the seller is now getting his own estimate to replace the roof in hopes that it will be less than the one we submitted.  Good luck dude, we didn’t even send you the highest bid we got, that one was about $2000 more.

This past weekend was a combination of relaxation and fun, with excessive amounts of champagne thrown in.  Friday night I stayed in and made some homemade chicken fried rice and banana chocolate chip bread.  Both things were delicious and I’m hoping they last me until at least Wednesday since I have no plans to grocery shop this week.

Saturday morning I was woken up bright and early by the sounds of a table saw and home construction.  There should be laws against that kind of thing happening during the 7:00 hour of a Saturday morning, just sayin.  Thanks to the home renovations on the street over, I was bored out of my mind by 12 pm, and had already painted both my fingers and toes an obnoxiously bright color.  Cue text from one of the roommates, “Do you want to drink with me?”

One bottle of champagne and a few mimosas later, I was feeling adventurous and decided to head out for the evening.  Nachos were consumed, a lot of Corona Lights imbibed (we were sitting outside it was necessary), and hours and hours past my bedtime later I face planted into my pillow for a solid 7 hours of sleep, only to begin the madness again at noon yesterday.

I crashed my other roommate’s Easter celebrations with her family, where more mimosas were enjoyed along with some wine.  I also ate a lot of delicious food over the course of the day at their house including french toast casserole, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, and crescent rolls the size of my face.  The drive back to Arlington last night was long (ok it was 45 minutes but it felt long), and I once again could not wait to face plant into bed.  That seemed to be the theme of the weekend.

Thank baby Jesus that my next three weeks of work are all 4 day weeks, because I don’t know if I’d make it otherwise.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well, now who’s in for a group detox?

Class of 2011

I think I may have finally figured out the best time to make the VA -> PA/ PA -> VA drive; Monday’s at noon.  I left Villanova at 12:20 yesterday afternoon and was back in my house by 2:50, smooth sailing.  My sister’s graduation weekend was very fun and very busy, and for some reason her internet in her apartment was acting up which is why this is my first post since Friday morning.

I hit the road to head north right after work on Friday, and made it to my sister’s apartment a little before 8 pm.  I promptly handed over her grad gift, this necklace engraved with a V on the back, and begged her to please feed me.  We headed over to Mixx with one of her roommates and her family where we sat enjoying delicious food and cocktails for hours.  It was late by the time we got back to the apartment, and with a 7 am wake-up call planned for Saturday, my sister and I each had one more drink before calling it a night.

All of us ladies were up bright and early Saturday morning to get ready for the College of Nursing Commencement ceremony held at the beautiful Villanova chapel.

The ceremony was really nice, although somewhat long to go without breakfast and coffee.  I was starving by the time we got out of there.  Luckily champagne was popped and mimosas started flowing like water once we returned to Col’s apartment.  The girls were nice enough to provide their hungry families with a variety of lunch foods to hold us over until dinner after the Baccalaureate mass later that day.

Once my champagne buzz was good and going, it was time to head over to the Villanova Pavilion for mass.  An hour and a half later that was over, and it was finally time for more cocktails and dinner :).

sis and I at Flip and Bailey's

After an early morning, and entire day of drinking, and another early morning wake-up call on Sunday, I was once again feeling lame, and went to bed early while the college grads went out for the night.  With the iffy weather forecast, we were unsure whether graduation would get to be held outside, but when we woke up Sunday it was indeed on as scheduled in the football stadium.

all the nursing students about to officially be graduates

The most entertaining part of the commencement ceremony was hearing the sounds of champagne bottles popping, and watching the corks fly into the air during the whole thing.  I was kind of jealous I didn’t have a bottle to chug out of during the ceremony, haha.  Once actual grad wrapped up, it was time for the grads to head to their respective locations and pick up their diplomas.


After some pics in front of various Nova buildings and such it was, you guessed it, time for more champagne and our 2 pm lunch reservation at Susanna Foo’s.

two of my favorite Nova grads!

Sunday’s day of festivities continued with an after party at my sister’s guy friends house.  There were your typical activities, beer pong, dancing, and cake fights.  Yup, cake fights, the amount of butter cream icing in my hair was sad, only because I couldn’t then eat it.  I did the responsible thing and eventually stopped drinking so I could be DD for the grads, and what does my niceness get me?  Made fun of.  I got called old, and they even went so far as to call me Ms. McCormick.  Stupid boys.  Just wait, you all will be 26 before you know it.


We woke up yesterday morning with a tall order on our hands.  To pack up my sisters entire apartment and load the car in about two hours.  They had until noon to get their crap out, and of course she hadn’t packed anything yet.  We stuffed as much as possible into garbage bags, and fitting things in the trunk was like a 3D puzzle.  Somehow I managed to do most of the heavy lifting, and my arms and shoulders are KILLING me today.  Probably because I had to rearrange everything my sister put in the car, she is not an efficient packer, haha.  Somehow we got all her stuff moved out, and I left her and her roommates alone for the cleaning aspect.  I have no idea what time they actually left their apartment for good.

Back to work today, it’s rough, but luckily only one full week of work to get through and then another long weekend for Memorial Day and then summer hour Friday’s start! Yay!  Have a great one!