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Not Micky Mouse

*The scene*

Kelly is slumbering peacefully and enjoying every last-minute of sleep she can.  The alarm is set for an hour from now.  She hears her cat jingling around on the floor and meowing.  Kelly, figuring it’s just another gigantic spider or something, rolls over mutter “silly cat” to herself.  The jingling continues.  Kelly sits up, grabs the cat, and places her on the bed.  The cat immediately resumes her place on the floor staring intently at something along side of Kelly’s suitcase.  Kelly finally puts on her glasses and flips on the light to see something that is definitely bigger than a spider, CRAWL under her suitcase.

The cat, upon seeing that it has finally succeeded in waking up mom, freaks out and tries to get under the suitcase.  Kelly moves the suitcase carefully, and sees A MF MOUSE trying to get away.  Luckily, the cat has succeeded in injuring the mouse whilst “playing” with it, and it is not moving very quickly.  Kelly tries to avoid having a full on panic attack, and circles her room looking for something to trap the injured mouse with before it gets away.  Apparently the best solution was a full trashcan, which she then flips upside down on the mouse before retreating to her bed to stare at the trash can and think.

Kelly heads downstairs, grabs a dustpan and giant kitchen trash bag, and goes back to her room to deal with the situation.  She lifts the trash can slowly, sees the mouse under all the trash, and tries to sweep it onto the dust pan.  Only she is still in the midst of a panic attack, and the mouse manages to scamper away INTO HER CLOSET.  Kelly screams “NOOOOO” and quickly opens the door and manages to coral the mouse into her soccer cleat, which then gets thrown into the trash bag.  Everything is carried outside and dumped on the ground, and soccer cleat is banged on the ground repeatedly until the mouse falls out. The mouse moves around a little, and Kelly runs back inside.  Never to sleep again, Kelly begins her day.

*End Scene*

Update: The mouse did not make it very far once outside, I think it died.

Talk about a way to start your day.  I still have the heebie jeebies, and cannot stop picturing that damn creature.  Thank god I’m heading to Wisconsin tonight and don’t have to try to sleep in there for a few days.  Although, I was so distracted this morning while I finished packing that I’m sure I forgot something important.  All I can say, is thank god for Pumpkin who alerted me to the terrible thing happening.


Still traumatized.


Just a few brief things.

Thank you all for your well wishes and concerns about Pumpkin! I know some people don’t really like cats or pets in general for that matter, but she’s the first pet I’ve had that’s been mine and she’s been with me since college so I’m kinda obsessed with her.  The good news is that her urine test showed her kidney’s are still functioning, we just really need to keep them that way. So I’m thinking about trying one of those fountain water dishes for her, since she loves drinking from the sink.  I also mixed some tuna juice and water together and froze it, and gave her a cube this morning so we’ll see if she drinks that.

I finally went to a doctor last night, ok CVS Minute Clinic, and they said I have bronchitis.  Now I am fully loaded with 3 different prescriptions including a fun bronchial inhaler.  Apparently I should start to feel better in 2-3 days.  Somewhat worrisome though, is my blood pressure which was sky high at 144 over 90.  For someone who has a history of ridiculously though blood pressure, like 100 over 78, this is confusing.  I’m hoping it’s just the coughing and sickness that has driven it up, but I will be having it checked again when I start to feel better.

I wish I could work from home one day a week every week, it was awesome yesterday.

I had my performance review meeting this morning.  Apparently I’m bad at keeping eye contact with others when they talk to me.  Oops.  Although if that’s all people have to complain about, then I think I’m doing just fine.  I will gladly take my 8% bonus and 1.8% raise and work on my eye contact skills.

My head hurts, I’m blaming a combination of my coughing and high blood pressure.

Happy Leap Day! Real life is for March.  Hope you’re all wearing blue and yellow!


Escape Artist

Sometimes I worry about the future well-being of my unborn, not yet conceived children, because I’m not quite sure how good of a parent I’ll be.  You see, I opted to start working in a grocery store at 15 instead of continuing my babysitting career because I hated it.  Therefor I fully intend to have my sister on speed dial at all times, since at her ripe old age of 23 she still babysits.  Oh, she’s also a NICU nurse.  Other times I’ll think I’ll be ok, mostly because even when it comes to my cat I can sense when something is amiss.

You see, Pumpkin has a schedule on which she must be fed, or it’s like the world is ending.  She starts meowing at me the second my alarm goes off in the morning, and before I even have the front door fully opened in the evening when I come home.  The incessant meowing continues until the food is placed in her bowl in front of her.  It is super annoying, especially at 7 am when I’m trying to get dressed for work.

So this morning when my alarm went off, I noticed I was alone, which in itself is unusual but I continued with my morning routine.  By the time I opened my bedroom door to head downstairs, I fully expected to see the monster sitting outside of it meowing her face off.  Nope, no cat.  I knew she had been with me all night, thanks to some cat vomit on the bedroom floor, so downstairs I went.  Still no cat.  I outwardly groaned and asked Dani if she’d seen her, nope, and there are only a few places she could have been since she can’t get under my bed and the roommates keep their doors closed.  She was in none of those places.

I grabbed a bag of treats and headed out to the front porch where I called her name and shook the bag, hoping she’d come running.  Negative.  At this point my panic level was gradually increasing as I contemplated ways to tell my boss I wasn’t coming to work today because my cat was missing.  I went back inside and out the back door to the porch, again shaking the bag of treats and calling her name.  It was then I heard the unmistakable jingle of Pumpkin’s collar, thank god I have 57 tags and a bell on there, and out she came from under some bushes by the shed.

I quickly grabbed her and brought her back inside, at which point she started meowing for her breakfast like she hadn’t nearly given me a heart attack.  Just a perfectly normal morning for her with an adventure outside.  Sigh, pets.  I really have no idea how she got out, unless she scooted out the front door with my other roommate this morning.  She’s a wily one, that Pumpkin.

Anyway, so it was somewhat of a dramatic morning for me.  Luckily Pumpkin has never ventured too far from the house any time she’s gotten out.  Once she was in our neighbors house, but that’s a story for another time.  Two weeks till I head out to Wisconsin and my sister arrives tomorrow! Happy Thursday!