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Our Weekend of Celebrations

Thank you all for the well wishes on Friday!  Darren and I had an awesome long weekend celebrating our anniversary together, and it was over way too quickly.  His flight arrived right on time Thursday evening, and with only a slight delay in baggage claim (boyfriend is worse at overpacking than I am) we were on our way home for my delicious homemade lasagna.  The slow cooker sauce was a huge hit, and Dar ate about half of the lasagna by himself.  The rest of the night was spent sitting around on the couch enjoying some drinks and hanging out with my roommate Dani and her guy friend.

Friday morning I once again set out to prove my cooking skills and made Dar and myself a breakfast of eggs in a basket and bacon.  Nothing fancy, but enough sustenance to get Darren through a day of shopping withe me.  The two of us headed out to Tysons Corner to pick up some things he needs for our vacation in December and things I didn’t need, but definitely wanted.  J. Crew was our first stop where we both took advantage of the addition 30% off of sale items, him with some khaki pants and me with a pencil skirt, sweater, and long sleeve shirt.  Dar bought me the sweater because he was proud of me for realizing I couldn’t afford to buy everything I wanted, haha :).

Friday night a group of 8 of us headed up to Poolesville, MD to experience Markoff’s Haunted Forest, and by the time we got there my nerves were shot.  I’m not a big fan of being scared or surprised, and the waiver we had to sign before going through was especially troubling.  I made it through without peeing my pants or crying, and may have only broken a small bone in Darren’s hand with my death grip.  I did get my head grabbed at one point, which wasn’t cool, but that was probably the worst of it.  A few of us headed out for some drinks once back in Arlington, and Dar and I called it a night around midnight and came home.

We spend the first part of Saturday lounging around until it was time to head to my football game around 2:30.  Dar is my #1 fan, and just like when he came to my kickball game and I was voted MVP for the day, I had a stealer football performance catching the ball for an extra point and batting down a pass on defense.  We celebrated our 54-6 win over the other team with post game drinks at The Front Page before heading home to get ready for our celebratory dinner.

We had dinner at one of my new favorite Arlington restaurants, American Tap Room, mostly because neither one of us felt like venturing too far away from home.  We started with the Crab and Spinach dip appetizer, amazing, followed by the Chilean Sea bass (him) and the slider trio (me).  The slider trio consisted of a pulled pork slider, jerk chicken slider, and cheddar cheese burger slider, all of which were amazing.  We ended dinner by splitting the cheesecake for dessert, also amazing.  After dinner we came home and watched Horrible Bosses, and I thoroughly enjoyed our date night.

We made the most of Darren’s last day here by venturing a little further West down 50 in search of a pumpkin patch.  We didn’t find one, but we did find a garden center where we picked up some pumpkins for carving.

my boo

looking like a geek

hard at work

slow and steady

Finished products

Shortly after we finished carving our pumpkins it was time for Dar to pack up and for us to head to the airport :(.  His 6 pm flight to Milwaukee was right on time and he made it to security with about 20 minutes until boarding.  We said our goodbyes and then I made the lonely walk back to my car.  Luckily our next visit with each other is in 47 short days, and then we get to spend almost and entire month with one another.  All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and I miss my love already.  I think it’s safe to say I will be spooning with the teddy bear he sprayed with his cologne for quite some time.