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Crescent Nail Manicure

Only two more days!  Yes, I am absurdly excited.  Although, I’m not sure whether it’s excitement to see my boyfriend for the first time in 74 days or to eat some of the delicious lasagna I’m making for Thursday’s dinner.  Just kidding, it’s to eat garlic mozzarella bread.

Despite still feeling ridiculously sore yesterday from Saturday’s football game, um hello awesome core workout, I managed to get myself to the gym.  I knew the rest of the week would be questionable and I should squeeze as many workouts in as I could.  Alternated between 25 minutes on the ARC trainer and 25 minutes on the elliptical followed by push-ups and some more core work.  I then negated all of  that by then sitting at home watching TV while drinking a 22 oz Fat Tire and eating Chicken Sausage, Onions, and Peppers, and Cheetoes.

So, a week or two ago I saw a fun article or posting somewhere (for the life of me can’t remember where now) for a new type of manicure.  During my Sunday full of lounging and football watching, I decided to give it a go having previously stocked up on the only supplies needed.  Those dumb paper hole protector things.

You’re supposed to put the hole protectors on your nails to cover up that white crescent area, except I’m dumb and put them waaaay to high on my nail.  Anywho, so you paint your whole nail one solid color and let it dry completely.  Like completely, completely.  I got impatient and didn’t wait quite long enough and nearly pulled some color off when pulling off the stickers.  Put the stickers on correctly, then paint the top of your nail with a darker color.  Peel off stickers.  I didn’t realize just how black my purple would look when painted over the red, so now I kind of look like I have lady bug fingers.  Oops.

Notes for next time; put the stickers lower on my nail, find a shimmery silver to use with the purple and the red.  It takes a while to do this, but overall I’m a fan of the look.  Uh, I eventually took a q-tip to my fingers and cleaned up the nail polish all over my hands.

Alright, have a good Tuesday!


I Need to Prove Myself

Shock of all shocks, it’s raining again.  September and October thus far have been pretty damn depressing.  I’m ready for some sunshine, crisp fall days, and crunchy leaves.  This week has been mostly uneventful in terms of life and workouts, the most exciting thing was that recipe I posted yesterday.  Although I think the roommates and I are having a make your own calzone night tonight, so that should be fun.

I did try a new cardio workout on Tuesday that I ripped out of Fitness magazine though.  It looked relatively easy and figured it would help ward of treadmill boredom.

Surprise! Not so easy.  In fact, I damn near tripped and fell on my face during my last “hard” interval because my legs were so tired and heavy.  Easy: 4.5 mph, Moderate: 6.5 mph, Hard: 7.5 mph.  I followed that up with some ab exercises on the exercise ball, planks, and push-ups.  Yesterday’s workout was 50 minutes on the elliptical while watching Giada prepare some delicious looking meals.  Also, her baby is adorable.

So, Darren arrives next Thursday for his visit, and despite the awesome fucking meal I cooked him on New Years Eve last year he doesn’t really believe I can cook.  He said it would be hard to mess up lobster and filet, I disagree, but that’s neither here nor there. In light of this, I’ve decided I need to cook something awesome for dinner for Thursday night, but he won’t tell me what he wants.  He says he likes everything.  I’m thinking lasagna, one because I’ve been craving it like a mad woman, two it’s one of the things I make that always is raved about, and three I think it’s impressive to serve someone.  Right?  I would do that Engagement Chicken nonsense, but I eat roasted chicken EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Any other suggestions?

Also, I think this sounds like the best exercise class EVER!  Peace.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It

The game last night that is.  It’s not looking good, and I have hard time placing faith in AJ Burnett.  I miss Andy Pettitte and the days when Derek Jeter came to the plate and made magic happen.  The one other thing I will say is that the home plate umpire was not calling the strike zone nearly as tightly for Verlander as he was for all the Yankee pitchers.  It was bullshit.  Ugh, fingers crossed for a win tonight or the Yankees post season will look much like it did in 2006.

Yesterday after work I made it to the gym for a cardio workout. My 50 minutes on the elliptical flew by thanks to the interesting CNN coverage of Amanda Knox being released from jail. I don’t really have anything intelligent or meaningful to say about the case, so I’ll just leave it at that.

After my workout I headed home to make dinner, Shepherds Pie, and watch the game.  At least the dinner turned out well.  Mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar make everything better, including Shepherds Pie, and devastating loses.  Anyway, thanks to said baseball game I was up until midnight and then couldn’t fall asleep.  Lovely.  It appears someone else had trouble sleeping, and has found a new spot to call her own.

For real cat?  I don’t even know what to say about this, except you are a freaking weirdo.  I let her sit there until I had to brush my teeth, then she got the boot.  Anyway I really like my outfit today, but since that mirror you see in the above picture is the only one I have it is impossible for me to take a photo of it.  In fact, in just trying to see what I looked like from head to toe, I ended up bashing my head into the ceiling while standing on the toilette.  It hurt.

Anyway, I know most of you hate the Yankees, but maybe send out a good luck wish for me tonight?  Later.