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Rough Start

Today, has not gotten off to the best start.  The cat puked on my bedroom floor sometime around 6 am, I locked myself out of the house and had to break back in, there was an accident on the way to work making me 20 minutes late, I almost fell down the stairs, and to top it all off my head hurts so bad it’s making me nauseous.  I didn’t even drink last night!  Suck it Tuesday.

Ugh, anyway, I got right back into my regular routine yesterday with a lunch time workout.  45 minutes on the elliptical followed by 1 mile on the treadmill at about 8:30 pace.  After work I actually surprised myself by running the errands I needed to run. $63 shelled out at the dry cleaners for two pairs of pants I had taken in and a sweater that needed stitching, and stocking up on groceries.  Lots of frozen veggies, sweet potatoes, and chicken in my diet for the next 11 days.  Oh and did I mention I’m not drinking?  I suspect I’ll be quite pleasant to be around.

I also took full advantage of Cyber Monday yesterday, and knocked out almost all of my Christmas shopping.  My mom is the only person left on my list, and I plan on taking care of her sometime today.  I scored some awesome deals, like 30% off my entire order at one store and 25% off at another.  Love it.

When I was at my mom’s house this past weekend, I discovered and fell in love with my sister’s curling wand.  My girls Amy and Jess had professed their love for them before, but I’d never had the chance to use on.  Well after one video tutorial, and 5 minutes, I was hooked.  Mostly because it made my hair look like this:

Oh, hello beautiful curls that last without hair spray and still look awesome after sleeping.

And again.  I’m obsessed, and I tried to steal my sisters but she was not having it.  I also now know how Taylor Swift does her hair, because that is what my curls looked like right after I was done.  So yeah, I don’t know what it is about the curling wand, but it’s magic.

Alright, I’m off to hunt down some Advil and pray this headache goes away.  Peace.

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

I brought a blanket in to work today.  Until I can illegally smuggle a space heater in, that will have to keep me warm.  I refuse to sit at my desk wearing my coat, scarf, and gloves all winter again this year.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

My hair is actually down and straightened for the second day in a row (because I didn’t wash it yesterday) and I think people are having a hard time recognizing me.  I even have some makeup on.  If this meeting gets cancelled again, I resolve to give up on my appearance.

I had a pretty great workout last night that involved a 2.5 mile run and 25 minutes on the elliptical, followed by push-ups and abs.  Yes, that’s right I did not wash my hair after that, and I am not one of those people who doesn’t sweat when they work out.  I’m just gross and don’t care.

After the workout, all I could think about was getting home and stuffing food in my face.  Unfortunately, once I got home I still had to make it.  At the grocery store on Sunday I bought the ingredients for both Stuffed Peppers and Sausage and Peppers, and decided to go with whatever I felt like when the time came.  Last night it was stuffed peppers, and they were just as delicious as always.

except, I also added cheese

Sorry I’m not sorry, sometimes cheese really does make everything better.  I stayed up past my bedtime watching Sons last night, and that show is really starting to give me anxiety.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who watches and may have missed it, so all I’ll say is WTF Clay, WTF?  Darren called me the second next weeks previews played, and he didn’t even wait for me to say hello before he started venting.  I’m sad there’s only three more episodes left of the season.

Anyways, happy Wednesday!  We’re half way to another weekend!


It’s Not Easy

Lately, mainly right now, I’m really tired living my life in the form of a countdown.  I feel like I’m always counting down to some event in the future, and not enjoying things happening right now.  Last night I was sitting on the couch thinking how much better last Wednesday night was, when I was looking forward to Darren’s impending arrival.  All I have to look forward to this week, is a weekend with no plans, and a Halloween with no costume.  Lame, I know.

The thing is, there’s no end to this living life from visit to visit in sight.  Darren and I both agreed that while it sucks, the best thing for us to do is keep me here until November 2013 when my 3 year job contract is fulfilled.  My 401k account is fully vested, three-year employment reward is given, and I don’t have to pay back my relocation money. I try to tell myself that this first year went by SO fast, and that two more really isn’t a big deal, but then a visit ends and the week of sadness following sets in.

In this past year of long distance dating I’ve come to realize a few things about the process.  If you can make it to the final three-week countdown, time seems to fly by.  So for us, when we go the typical 6 weeks between visits, the first three are what blow the most.  The first one especially, because you’re still remembering how much better everything was when the person you love is actually with you.  That’s the week I’m in right now, which probably explains my major funk this week, and I know that.  It still sucks though.  So yeah, six weeks exactly until I’m home in December with my love and our families.

Ok, sorry if I was depressing, but like I said that’s the mood I’m in this week.  Yesterday was a pretty standard day.  Work, workout, dinner, wine, tons of TV.  The workout was the cardio interval one I posted the other week.  Alternating 2 minutes sprints with 1 minute recovery for 30 minutes.  Left me purple faced and sweaty, just the way I like it.  Also, you know what sucks?  Realizing you forgot your shower shoes AFTER you finish you sweat fest of a workout and have to go back to work.  Ever showered on your tip toes?  I have.

Anyway, I was convinced today was Friday for a while, it’s not.  I’m hoping I can work from home tomorrow because the heat is going to be shut off in our building all day, so we’ll see what happens.  Have a great Thursday friends.