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I Have Issues

Well my low tire pressure light came on this morning.  Not sure if that’s because of the rapidly changing hot-cold-humid temperatures or because I had a nail in it almost exactly a year ago and the tire patched.  I also clipped the curb outside my house yesterday… oops. Let’s hope I don’t have a flat tire when I go out to the parking garage this afternoon.  Either way, an appointment has been made at the dealership for Saturday morning (yes I know the dealership charges more, but I trust them and they provide free rental cars if you need it).

I finally jumped back on the workout wagon yesterday afternoon and did 50 minutes of cardio split between the treadmill and ARC trainer. Titanic was on TV again.  Are they just going to play that movie once a week on E! from now on?  I pretty much picked up watching it where I left off last week, so that was cool.  I followed the cardio up with some abs on an exercise ball, push-ups, and stretching.  Done and done.

I was home, showered, and finishing dinner just in time for the return of some of my favorite shows.  Glee (yup feel free to judge and mock me), and Raising Hope.  I also watched the New Girl, which I liked an alright amount I suppose.  I can see it getting on my nerves though.  I rounded out my night of TV with SOA in bed, because that’s really the best way to watch it.

In other news, because I am a freak about many things, I’ve already started thinking about what I want to wear for my Christmas “outfit”.  Yes, Christmas gets an outfit.  Last year it was this Anthropology dress, I told you I’m a freak.  The new J. Crew catalog appeared in my mailbox the other day, and I’m sort of imagining myself in something like this.

J. Crew Toothpick Cords in Champagne

A sweater LIKE this Cashmere Cable J Crew version. One preferable not $228

These shoes, or black booties that I do not yet own

Those cords must be tried on in person though, because with a word like “toothpick” in the name, I have some doubts about my legs fitting in there.  Uh, good thing there’s like 3 months until Christmas.  Alright I’m off to go distract myself on the internet until it’s time for lunch. Later!


So I live with my mom, which at 24 years old is no easy feat.  To say she drives me crazy every once in awhile is an understatement.  The latest incident occurred yesterday morning when I was rushing out the door to get to work.

It was about 30 degrees outside so I wanted to start my car and get it nice and toasty for my drive to work.  I ran out the front door with my gym bag and keys, threw my duffle onto the backseat, and with my left leg hanging out of the driver side door, put the key into the ignition, my right foot on the clutch and pushed the start button.  As soon as I took my foot off the clutch, my car jumped forward and stalled.  Apparently my mother, who has a perfectly good functioning car of her own, had taken mine out for a spin while I was away left it in first gear and did not pull the emergency brake up all the way.  When I took the car out of gear to start it again, it began to roll backwards down my driveway with my left leg still hanging out of it.  Not exactly what I need at 7 am on a Monday morning, thanks mom.

I stormed back inside my house and politely asked that if she is going to drive my car can she at least please leave it in the condition that she found it, so I am not rolling down the driveway hanging halfway out of it.  Yup, that’d be great thanks.  Oh, and then my gas light came on before I even hit the end of my street.