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Ireland: Day 6

So when I last left you, I was dying in our hotel lobby waiting to board the bus to Galway.

Immediately following this photo I ran to the bathroom to puke up the croissant I ate at bfast

Immediately following this photo I ran to the bathroom to puke up the croissant I ate at breakfast

You know what’s really helpful to a raging hangover accompanied by extreme nausea? Traveling on a coach bus all day on twisty, windy roads. I managed to curl up across some bus seats and sleep a little bit before reaching our first stop of the day, the Connemara Marble Factory.



Not going to lie, I don’t remember much of what was said, as I was mostly focused on not vomiting, but it was still pretty cool. Col and I got our mom a really pretty bracelet featuring the different colors of marble and the Claddagh sign. Much too soon it was time to get back on the bus to continue north, and I was not doing well. Luckily I had the foresight to grab a plastic laundry bag from the hotel before we left and let’s just say it came in handy. A few times. Despite the fact that I literally wanted to throw myself in front of our bus and put myself out of my misery, I wasn’t willing to miss out on Galway (and I didn’t want my sister to hate me). So I sucked it up and shuffled about for two hours once we made it there.

Cathedral in Galway

Galway Cathedral

contemplating praying for my soul

contemplating praying for my soul

shop street

Shop Street

Galway was really pretty and I wish I could have stomached the smell of food so we could have eaten at one of the great little places there. Col and I have already decided that when we go back (hopefully with husbands also of Irish heritage) that we want to stay in Galway some and definitely along the western coast.

We finally made it back to Dublin for our final night of the trip around 5:30, at which point I collapsed into a bed and took a delightful nap. Miraculously I woke up feeling almost normal and we were able to eat one final meal in Ireland before our balls ass early flight the next morning. If you’re keeping track, that means I kept nothing down until 8 pm when I ate about half a delicious cheeseburger. Col finally got some fish and chips, which she declared THE BEST EVER, and then it was time to pack up and get ready to leave. Our shuttle to the airport left at 5:30 am, and I shed a tear or two as I bid farewell to the best vacation ever.

Luckily we had our mom’s wedding to look forward to the next day, so there was no time to be sad!