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My Favorite Time of the Year

One of the very few times I miss high school, and Catholic school in general, is the day after Halloween.  It being a holy day of obligation and all, we ALWAYS had it off from school.  Well, unless you were the “brother” school down the street from my school.  They had the day off taken away from them because too many were caught drinking, suckers.  Anyway, it meant you could go out trick or treating, have sleepovers with your friends, and watch scary movies well into the wee hours of the morning without worrying about waking up the next day.  It was great.  We should bring that day off into the adult world, I am still Catholic after all, even if I haven’t been to church in a while.

So, happy first day of November!  I suppose that means it’s officially the holiday season, although Starbucks did roll out their holiday cups over the weekend and that is my real basis of things.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  No gingerbread syrup yet though.  Gingerbread lattes ruled my life last year, so good.  Don’t tell me calorie count, I don’t want to know.

The trick or treaters last night were adorable and aggressive, and we ran out of candy before we ran out of kids to give it to.  I felt bad turning off the porch lights, blowing out the candles in the pumpkins and hiding inside, who knew three giant bags wouldn’t be enough.  My favorite was when the kids would just pull open our door without knocking and scream “TRICK OR TREAT” at us, haha.  I think they wanted to come inside and hang out.  Favorite costumes were a little baby dressed as a unicorn and the kid dressed as poop.  Well done kid, well done.  I’m actually kind of glad all our candy went, because now there are no leftovers for me to hoard and make my thighs fat.  39 days until vacation after all.

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween filled with cute trick or treaters and fun costumes.  Time to start saving up for holiday shopping!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y’all!  We’re having a Halloween Party at work today, so I’m currently dressed as a “United States of America Olympic Team” member.  That means I’m wearing black yoga pants, Uggs, a race medal, and a t-shirt that says as much.  So festive, haha, but also the most comfortable thing to sit in on a Monday.

My weekend was just as boring and uneventful as I predicted it would be.  Thanks to the freak October snow storm my sister decided not to make the trip down from PA, so the only person I talked to all weekend was my cat, and she is not a person.  I did manage to spend a shit ton of money at Target, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s though, so that was fun.  I also ate about half of the Halloween candy I bought, whoops.

We didn’t get much snow at all in Arlington, just enough to cause a mess and be a nuisance, but it did look pretty when it was falling heavily.  It started out as nasty freezing rain, and I’ll take snow over that any day.

It was all gone by later in the evening, so our streets and sidewalks are clear for trick or treaters tonight.  I’m actually really excited to see the little kids all dressed up.  We hardly had any kids come to my old house, and I’m one of those idiots who can’t imagine anything cuter than babies dressed as animals.  Sorry, but I have baby fever and I want to steal them all.  Uh, my boyfriend kind of does too, good thing we are far, far away from each other.  So yeah, I will be gushing over cuteness tonight while handing out candy.

Happy Halloween!