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A Few Changes

Ugh, Tuesdays.  They are by far my least favorite day of the week.  Really, what is good about Tuesday?  Someone give me something.  Anyway, if you are viewing my actual site, and not just reading in Google Reader, you’ll notice a few changes.  Last night I switched up the format of the ol’ blog to make room for my new Foodbuzz widgets!  Yes, that’s right I’m officially a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher.  They had emailed me last week inviting me to join, and I finally set it all up last night.  I’m looking forward to working with them.

Due to the continuing heat wave over here, I was again forced inside the gym and onto a treadmill.  Thankfully my sister was waiting for me to get home to go to the gym, so we went together.  Oh and I told myself I could wear my new favorite shorts.  That was really my main motivation.  I pounded out 4 miles in about 38 minutes, and felt pretty good.  Although my right ear bud kept falling out, but that usually happens when I’m a sweaty mess.  I really miss all the stats my Garmin typically gives me, I don’t trust the treadmills calorie calculations at all.  I need to get back outside ASAP!

Also, there is this one girl at the gym, and I can’t help but stare at her the entire time she is working out.  The last few times she has been on the front row of treadmills and directly in my line of vision (this is why I only work out on the back row).  I’m not really sure what it is about her, but something just amuses me.  It could be the way she walks, sticking her butt out and kicking her legs forward, or how she flails on the t-mill while running (picture Phoebe from that Friends episode) or just her general attitude (she definitely thinks she’s hot shit), but the girl makes me giggle the whole time.  Oh and she is always wearing the tightest clothes imaginable, with high beams blazing.  Oh how I love the gym.  Between that and doing abs in front of my ex, it’s probably the most fun ever!

Anyway.  Dinner was going to just be a ham sandwich, but then my mom came home and decided she knew how to use the oven.  Yes, the off button is still broken.  In went a CPK Margarita Pizza, and my ham sandwich got wrapped up for lunch today.

You wanna know how she turned the oven off?  By going into the garage and killing all power at the fuse box.  Probably not the best way to do things, but hey at least we got some great pizza.  As I have previously mentioned, these pizzas are best for two people, three is really pushing it.  I was still hungry after dinner, so I ate four cookies.  Two Raspberry Milanos and two Strawberry ones.  So freakin good.

You know by now what Monday night means, Bachelorette drama!  Last night did not disappoint.  Justin aka Rated R, got himself called out big time by my girl Ali for having a girlfriend!  Dude didn’t even try to explain himself, just got up and peaced out.  The best part of the episode was when they were playing all the v-mails he had left for his gf, Jessica, while on the show.  Nice job guy, how’d that plan to get famous workout for you?  Douche.  The rest of the season looks just as drama filled, I can’t wait!

Alright, I’ve definitely rambled on for long enough.  I hope you all make it through Tuesday.  Peace!

One month to go

Happy Thursday everyone!  I love when short weeks seem to fly by.  I also think I would always much rather have a Monday off then a Friday.  It seems easier to just drag yourself to work for one more day, and a Monday off feels more rewarding.  Just me?

Last night I hit the gym for my workout since it was still 90 degrees outside at 4 pm.  Surprisingly I had a great treadmill workout and no knee pain!

  • 32 minutes total (something like 3.1 miles)
  • 5 minute warm-up (.4 miles)
  • 2.5 mile run (about 23 or 24 minutes)
  • 3 minute cool-down

I was a sweaty mess afterwards and did some stretching, abs, and push-ups.  Pigeon pose is like my bff, I spend a lot of time in it after a run.  I will never neglect stretching my IT Bands again.

Dinner was a California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza, the Spinach and Artichoke one again, it might just be my new favorite.

It really took all of my self-control to not eat the entire thing, I had to make myself put it into the fridge so it would stop staring at me.  I’m very excited because I don’t have PT tonight, the therapist took a vacation day or something, so I think the sis and I are making kabobs, whoooo!

Even more exciting news is that this time next month I will be en route to the Outer Banks, NC for my week-long beach vacay.  I haven’t been since 2008 so I’m pretty pumped.  Here are some of my fav pics from various OBX trips.

May 2006

This is in Duck at one of our fav restaurants

Enjoying some Alaskan King Crab Legs

And here’s where we’ll be staying in Duck this year!

Just Beachy!

I know my sister is going to yell at me for counting down the summer away, but I really just want to be on vacation!

Spinach and artichoke pizza

Hooray for Thursday and for what is shaping up to be a gorgeous, sunny, 80 degree day.  That’s more like it May!  Yesterday after work I hit the gym for a nice 30 minute workout on the treadmill.

  • 10 minute warm-up, incline 2.5-5.5 and speed 3.4-4.2 mph
  • 20 minute run, incline 1.5, speed 6.0-6.5 mph
  • 2 minute cool-down
  • Total distance, something like 2.7 miles

This was definitely the best I have felt in a run yet, and as much as I’ve enjoyed swimming it felt awesome to break a serious sweat.  Can’t do that in a pool.  My knee felt pretty good the whole time, and there was no lingering pain after I finished or this morning.  We will see how things are looking when I go to PT tonight.

I also did some crazy ab move that I saw over on Anne’s blog yesterday morning.  You know, the one where you lower your legs to the floor with the exercise ball squeezed between your feet while holding hand weights above your head.  I used a 10lb medicine ball instead of weights, but the effect was the same I think.  I liked this ab move and will definitely be integrating it into my workouts.

After the gym, as expected I had a text from my sis asking what was for dinner.  We decided on a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza, so I ran in the store to pick on up on my way home.  Now you all know about my love for Spinach and Artichoke dip, so when I saw that CPK had a limited edition Spinach and Artichoke Pizza I knew I had to try it out.  We threw together a quick salad to accompany our pizza.

This was one of those salad kit things that comes in a box with the dressing, croutons, and cheese included.  It was Light Caesar which was perfect with our pizza.

Oh my god, was this good.  The big chunks of artichoke, the spinach, the creamy cheese with a crispy crust.  Amazing.  I may stock up while the limited time lasts.  My sister and I ate the whole thing.  Three servings my ass, it’s perfectly sized for two :).

Yup, I ate four slices and I’m not ashamed about it.  They are pretty small after all.  During dinner my sister and I also watched the movie Valentine’s Day, which honestly was different than I was expecting it to be.  There were a lot more sad moments then I was expecting, but overall I enjoyed it.  Glad I waited until it was out on video to watch it, but still liked it.

Last night was also the season finales of Modern Family and Cougar Town, whatever will I do all summer?!?  Both were hilarious as usual and had my sis and I laughing out loud.  I heard that they were going to change the name of Cougar Town for next season though, since it really isn’t about older women dating younger men at all.  Will be interesting to see if they do and what they come up with.

I’m off to NYC for the weekend after work tomorrow.  One of my best friends is having a law school graduation party on Saturday out on Long Island, so I will also be making a trip out there.  It should be really fun, I hope the weather stays nice!  What are you all up to this weekend?