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Hello Stress, Now go Away

Hello and happy Monday! With one week to go until the big day, I am one giant ball of stress trying to get a ton of last-minute things done.  Mostly because of conversations that go like this:

Me: “Hun, did you actually read this before signing it?”
Dar: “Yeah, why?”
Me: “So then you know we need proof of insurance 7 days prior to closing?”
Dar: “It says that?”
Me: “Mmmhmm, and that would be Monday, which gives us 1.5 days to purchase, pay for, and have proof of said insurance.”
Dar: “Ok, I lied, I didn’t really read it.”
Me: “No, kidding.”
Dar: “Well, do you think you could take care of all that, I’m not going to have time, and you’re on a computer all day.”

If only I were one of those people that couldn’t eat when they were stressed.  Instead, I’ve already had two breakfasts and a snack today.  It’s 11 am.

So instead of talking about completely unfun things like that, let’s talk about something exciting!  I know I briefly mentioned this, but not too long ago my mom got engaged.  Here’s her stunning ring,

annnnnd one more just because it’s so pretty

The two of them haven’t really started planning their big day yet, but when I talked to my mom last night she mentioned the idea of a Napa wedding.  Wedding in wine country?  Now that’s something I can get on board with.  Also, death to anyone who even jokes about a joint wedding.  I’m serious.

This weekend was pretty regular, a relaxing Friday at home, followed by all day kickball fun and an early Saturday bedtime.  Then yesterday I did some furniture shopping, which would have been more fun if I could have bought things.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do a post on the furniture we are considering.  I mean, you guys know I can’t make a decision without your help.  Have a lovely day!

New Things

My mom put me on the phone with my cat the other night, and I think she recognized my voice. Yup, totally normal.

Anywhoodle, apparently my crazy town man friend went out and looked at some houses yesterday.  I didn’t know this because we weren’t speaking, but he liked one.  I like it. He’s looking at a few more today, and if nothing strikes his fancy more, we’re moving on it.  The owners have already moved, so hopefully it’s a smoother process? Although with our luck, probably not.

The past two mornings, I’ve tried something a little different.  Normally I drag myself out of bed about 10 seconds before I need to be in my car and driving to work, which kind of makes for a stressful morning.  Yesterday and today I woke myself up about 20 minutes earlier than normal, and took the time to make a nice breakfast.  Two egg omelet with some mozz and peppers, and actually drank some coffee before leaving the house.  Ya know what, I liked it.  Not only was my stomach not growling during my 45 minute drive in, but I didn’t feel like I was half asleep at the wheel.  I think I shall try to make this a regular thing.

Workouts have been pretty standard since returning from Vegas.  Monday I worked on my tan, Tuesday I ran 3 miles, and yesterday I did the Body by Bethenny yoga DVD.  The DVD was a good workout, it had me sweating and my arms burning and the 5 minute Booty Buster extra at the end was just enough for me to feel satisfied and call it a day.  Then I cleaned my entire room and bathroom, vacuuming and scrubbing the floor and all.  Good thing Darren likes to clean, because this girl?  Not so much.

In other news, because I figured my credit card bill is already absurdly high for the month, I added some more purchases to it on Tuesday.  I’d seen mentions of Bridier Baubles floating around Twitter, and then I started to see pictures, and then I decided I wanted some of my own cute Kate Spade and J. Crew-esque jewelry for a fraction of the price.  By tomorrow I will be the proud owner of an adorable pair of octopus earrings, the Boca Grande necklace, and the Flower Patch necklace.  I’m excited.  Check out the Facebook page here, and if you do, tell em I sent ya!

Darren arrives tomorrow at 5:15 and we have plans to double date with my roommate Dani and her boyfriend.  Clarendon restaurant suggestions are welcome, my usuals American Tap Room and Fireworks are getting old.  Happy Thursday betches.

Game Over

Allow me to present you all with a timeline.

February 18, 2012: First offer on first house submitted
February 27, 2012: Find out we were outbid on said house
March 5, 2012: First offer on second house submitted
March 9, 2012: Second offer of second house submitted (after receiving no response ever from the sellers)
March 16, 2012: First offer on third house submitted (after never hearing anything from seller’s of house 2)
March, 19, 2012: Receive the first counter from the seller
March 20, 2010:  Submit counter number 2 to the seller
March 22, 2012: Receive counter number 3 from the seller
March 23, 2012: Submit counter number 4 to the seller
March 24, 2012: Accepted offer
March 29, 2012: Home inspection which turned up all sorts of fun stuff
April 4, 2012: Submit amendment of things we want seller to fix
April 15-16, 2012: Seller comes back with an offer $5000 lower than what we asked for. No thanks, we don’t need half a roof.  Tell them our bottom line, still comes back $5000 too low.
April 17, 2012: Submit notice to withdrawal offer on the house
April 18, 2012: Back at square one.

Soooo yeah. That’s that, and I have 0 desire to start looking at house listings again.  I need to take a breather.  This process royally blows, and now not only have interest rates gone up, but Darren is about to hit busy season when he won’t even have time to go look at houses.  FUN!

I was hoping his visit this weekend would be full of happiness and excitement, but it’s looking like it’s just going to be crankiness and moodiness over the frustration of this process.  I also flat out refuse to spend the entire weekend looking at house listings online, so yeah.

Clearly I’m annoyed and irritated today, partly  because of the house, partly because my loving boyfriend decided to royally piss me off at 7 am with his craziness.  Nothing like starting your day with a fight over text message!  Oh, and I get to go to the lady doc today, so many fun things!

I hate today.  Goodbye.