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Losing It

I HURT today, and not just like man my legs are sore.  Hitting my clutch on the drive to work this morning was legitimately painful, my IT band hasn’t hurt this much since before my PT last year, and my left knee is swollen, haha I am a mess.  I purposely parked on the top level of the parking garage so I could avoid all stairs.  If you missed my happy and cheery race recap, you can read it here.  Anyway, it’s supposed to hit 80 today so the roommates and I are grilling tonight, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a rest day.

I also seriously think I am losing my mind, either that or I need to dye my hair blond again.  This weekends happenings alone are a prime example.  On Saturday I had to venture into DC alone for the Cherry Blossom Expo, and I hadn’t used my Metro card in a while.  So while trying to look at it and figure out how much was left on it, I couldn’t for the life of me make sense of the numbers.  You see, I was looking at them vertically and trying to figure it out.  Don’t ask me why, clearly it’s obvious that your remaining balance is printing horizontally.

No, seriously, it took buying a new card to realize I still had $14 left on my old one.  Dumbass.  After leaving the expo I had to find my way from China Town to the Mall for my first kickball game of the season.  Don’t even get me started on how many times I walked in the wrong direction before finally figuring it out.  I need to take map reading lessons, even when Google Maps is telling me my exact location I walk around in circles.

Kickball was fun, even with the hail storm that assaulted us for 10 minutes before the sun finally came out.  I admit that maybe standing out in the freezing cold hail, playing kickball, the day before a race maybe wasn’t the best idea, but it was our first game!  Happy to say we won, and then my team went on to win our flip cup matchup without me while I headed home to rest up.  All that really means is I came home and spiked some Blondies with Bourbon (more on those later).  Oh wait, I had a point to make.

After playing kickball in the cold, and being rained and hailed on, I could not wait to get home and take a steaming hot shower.  In fact, it’s the first thing I did when I walked in the door, I even forgot to take my sports bra off before getting in.  Do I still have to wash it?  Dumbass moment number 2 of the weekend.

The final kicker?  While getting all my race gear together on Saturday night I moved my remote control out of the way, and not five minutes later could not for the life of me remember where I put it.  This happened last week too, so the place I found it the last time was the first place I looked.  No cigar.  Finally I gave up and just went to bed.  I finally found the remote last night in one of my dresser drawers.  Seriously, what the hell is going on with me?  I am too young to be losing my mind.

After the race yesterday, I had a lovely time at brunch with the roommates downing mimosas (I think I had 4) and destroying a plate of Oscar Benedict.  The rest of the day involved lounging on the couch, watching movies, drinking beer and eating blondies.  Not too bad if you ask me.  I’m hoping to do as little moving around as possible today, hopefully no one bothers me.


DC Blogger Invasion

After my run Saturday afternoon and crushing some Panera, I managed to drag myself up off the couch and headed over to Northside Social in Clarendon to meet up with about 50 other bloggers and readers who were in town for the Marathon/Half Marathon.  Northside Social is a really cute coffee/wine bar which made for a perfect meet and greet space.

I had a lot of fun meeting some new people, putting faces to blogs, and getting to see some of those that I’d met before as well.

Caitlin, me, and Kacy

Me, Lauren, Lauren, and Megan

Kacy, her SIL, and Steph and I actually hung out for a while after the meet-up ended enjoying some more wine and chatting.  It was a great night, and I was more than ready to faceplant into bed by the time I got home.

Sunday I had the chance to meet up with Tina and Anne for brunch in DC at Zest.  Anne and I both had the Chesapeake Eggs Benedict which was Eggs Benedict with a crab cake, and was amazing.  I think she took a picture of it so check out her blog, since it’s probably a lot better than anything I could take :).

Anne P and Tina

It was great getting to chat more with these ladies in a less crazy and crowded environment.  Both of them ran awesome half marathons and PR’d on Saturday, so congrats again!  After brunch, I immediately changed into sweat pants and immersed myself in a Law and Order SVU marathon, only getting up when the roommates drug me out to dinner with them.  Then all three of us resumed watching crime TV on the couch in pj’s at 6:30 pm.  Only it was Criminal Minds and not SVU this time.

It was a fun and exhausting weekend that left me feeling like a zombie on my drive to work this morning.  So, I’m going to try to cut out some of the booze this week in preparation for my race Sunday, we’ll see how that goes.  I’m getting pretty exciting, although I’m kind of happy I won’t really have anyone there watching me since I’m not sure how trained I really am.  Let the pre-race week jitters begin!

New York, New York!

Well the 5k on Saturday morning went pretty well.  It was windy and hilly, but I managed to finish in 28:08 for an 8:50 pace overall.  Our friends Jon and Nicole met us in CP and the four of us got ready to run together.  The first mile we pretty much all stuck together and wove in and out of the walkers and joggers pushing strollers, but about half walk through we had almost all separated.  I came up behind Jon and Nicole with about half a mile left and we ran it into the finish together.


Alex and I after finishing the 5k



finish line


After the race was over, Alex and I headed back to the East Village to shower and get ready for our day out on the town.  I was a horrible girlfriend this year and still hadn’t bought him a birthday present, so I said we could go shopping and he could pick out whatever he wanted.  Within reason that is.  Our shopping adventures took us to The Gap where Alex got two new pairs of jeans, and I picked up a pair of grey jeggings (um I have an addiction) and two long sleeve thermal shirts.  Then, unfortunately for my bank account, we ventured over to Nordstrom Rack where Alex found a winter coat that he decided he wanted for his b-day present and I fell head over in heels in love with a pair of 6 inch platform Stuart Weitzman heels that I am regretting not buying still till this very moment.  They were incredible, gorgeous, the perfect fit, and surprisingly comfortable, and the best part marked down to $139 from $375.  Insane.  It took absolutely every last ounce of my self-control to not buy those shoes.  Instead I just took pictures and continue to stare at them every now and again.



The shoes I should have bought



Alex in the coat I got him


We picked up some beers after our day long shopping extravaganza and made it home by 4:00 to watch the Yankees game.  Alex actually cooked me dinner, haha he called it Bachelor Pasta Surprise, and it was very good.  Some cut up chicken sausage, angel hair pasta, and a box of cheesy vegetables, mixed together with some marinara sauce.  We tried to make some plans to go out, but ended up getting pretty drunk just sitting around on the couch, so after the Yankees game we made another booze run, picked up some vodka and settled in on the couch for the night watching the Phillies follow up the Yankees loss with one of their own.  Neither boyfriend or myself can remember exactly what time we called it a night, but my guess would be that it was sometime around 11:30 which was fine by me.


some pumpkin beers that we enjoyed


Yesterday morning we woke up and participated in one of my favorite Sunday activities.  Brunch!  We walked to Esperanto, a cute Brazilian place on 9th and Ave C and hung out on their steps for 20 minutes until they opened and were willing to seat us at 11.  Alex and I both ordered the Spanish omelet with Chorizo, peppers, onions, & Manchego cheese, and served with home fries.


enjoying some much needed coffee at brunch



bottomless coffee might be Alex's most fav thing






home fries


Oh, and don’t forget the mimosa to wash it all down.  For some silly reason, boyfriend didn’t want his mimosa so I got to drink both.  Both the omelet and the mimosa were delicious and I was very satisfied after our meal.





We had just enough time after brunch to walk back to the apartment, grab our jerseys and head out to Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square to watch some football games.  While watching the Eagles destroy the Falcons, we partook in some pitchers of Bud Light and good old Southern BBQ.  Alex ordered the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and I had some Buffalo Wings, which were just the way I like them.  Not too saucy or spicy, but perfectly flavored.  It was nice to switch up our normal football watching bar from Finnerty’s to Bro J’s and people watch and see a different crowd, although we of course made an appearance at Finnerty’s when the 49ers game started at 4.

Sadly we had to go back to the apartment at the half so I could pack up and get ready to head to Penn Station to catch my 7:00 train, which I almost missed.  The L train took forever to arrive at the 1st Ave stop, and by the time I switched from the L to the A and arrived at 34th Street, I had to sprint off the subway, through Penn Station and onto my NJ Transit train home.  I literally jumped on board as the doors were closing and had to walk through a few cars before I even found a seat.  I made it home by 8:30 and was able to catch a majority of the Phillies game.

I was exhausted, and ended up going to bed before the end of the game, but was excited to see that they had won when I woke up this morning.  The Yanks play game 3 tonight, and I’m really hoping it goes much better than games 1 and 2.  Let’s go Yankees! How was everyone else’s weekend? I’m seriously so exhausted right now.  Sigh Monday.