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Lots of Lounging

Monday’s after a relaxing weekend at home are a lot more tolerable than Monday’s following a weekend of travel.  I almost feel like a human being today, and that’s probably because I barely left the house all weekend.  Sadly for you all, that means I don’t have much to say today, but I think you’ll get over it.

Friday night involved a lot of lounging around on the couch and finishing up Mad Men.  I’m all caught up and ready for season 5 to start, and I was kind of surprised how season 4 ended.  I’m super excited to see what happens when it starts again!

Saturday I left the house, but only to hang out on my back porch and get some sun.  I lasted for about 2 hours before I realized just how effing hot out it was, and that I’d much rather be inside where it was nice and cool.  There was a lot more lounging, I finally finished up the book I was reading (Sing Me Home by Jodi Piccoult, I didn’t really like it) and lots of movie watching once my roommate Adrienne returned from the bridal shower she had to go to.

We watched a bizarre movie called Wedding Daze, The Graduate, and finally You Again, which we both agreed the previews did not do justice.  The movie was really cute and pretty hilarious.  I also eventually ordered a pizza for dinner… see I told you, no leaving the house.

After a Saturday spent lounging around doing nothing, I decided I couldn’t spend my whole Sunday the same way.  After breakfast and coffee, and a viewing of The Roommate, Adrienne and I decided to go on a nice walk.  Well a Sunday afternoon walk turned into an 8 mile adventure, and over 2 hours later we finally returned home.  A stop a Smoothie King around mile 6 helped to fuel us for the rest of the way home, but didn’t really do much to diminish the hunger pangs for a delicious dinner.

A quick call to our other roommate to see if she was in for dinner, and one trip to the grocery store later, we were home again with steaks and the makings for some amazing mashed potatoes.  It’s not often I crave a juicy steak, so when I do I tend to give into it and go all out.

Broiled steak, chive and sour cream mashed potatoes, and broccoli.  The steak was broiled to perfection (thanks Dani) and the mashed potatoes were creamy and delicious.  I cleaned my entire plate and washed it down with a glass of red wine.  A great Sunday dinner to wind down the weekend.  I have one steak left to cook tonight, and will probably eat some of it, and leave the rest to top my salads at lunch during the week.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well and are surviving the Moday.

Rest Days are the Best Days, Sometimes

You know what, all last night I was going around thinking it was Wednesday.  It wasn’t.  That made it especially disappointing to wake up this morning and discover today is really only Wednesday.  Sigh, after so many short weeks of work this one seems to just drag on.  Thankfully I have a half day on Friday so I really only have to make it through 2.5 more days.

Yesterday my training plan called for either rest or cross-training, and my legs were begging for rest so I listened.  Instead of working out, I went to the grocery store and spent $18 on the most random purchases ever.  No, seriously.  I bought one sweet potato, two pieces of Naan, a teriyaki marinade, whole wheat linguine, chips, pretzels, and french onion dip.  Ummm I blame that last one on the fact that it’s that time of the month.  Oh and a big bottle of Pinot Noir.  Random shopping trip that really no meal can come from.  Oh well.

While dinner wasn’t very exciting, it was still enjoyable and tasty.  There was some three cheese tortellini in my fridge and broccoli in my freezer that I decided to combine.  After cooking all the tortellini, I served myself some and split the rest between two containers.  One with marinara sauce and the other with Italian dressing.  Pasta salad with tortellini is so good.

You know what’s funny, I always forget that I’m really not a huge fan of marinara sauce or grated parm until it’s covering my dinner.  I like sauce, but only a little, not drowning the entire dish.  Still the tortellini were good, and the broccoli made the dish much more filling.

I relaxed on the couch with some wine and TV after dinner.  The CW is playing re-runs of How I Met Your Mother from 7-8 every night now and I’m so excited.  I love that show so much, and I know there are a lot of episodes I’ve never seen.  Glee was on from 8-10, so you know I was watching that to prepare for the all new season starting next Tuesday. SO excited.

Alright, I suppose it’s time to do some work.  Have a great Wednesday everyone.