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Tales of my Travels

So what is normally about a three and a half hour drive at most, took me four hours on Friday afternoon, but I finally made it to Arlington around 7 pm.  I quickly pulled myself together, stole some clothes from the girls, freshened up, and we were back out the door heading into DC for dinner and a night on the town.

Dani and Adrienne

Deciding to fully embrace the first weekend of October I packed leggings and boots for the weekend, and was excited to actually have a chance to wear them.  Dinner was at RFD, which boasts an epic beer menu, and I enjoyed a Sam Adams Octoberfest along with a Philly Cheesesteak burger.  After dinner we moved on to Rocket Bar, a favorite of Dani and Adrienne’s as well as every other Caps fan since it is right across from The Verizon Center.  I had one more Octoberfest before switching to water for the night, I mean I had a 9 mile run to take care of in the morning.

me with my favorites

I was actually pretty proud of myself for hanging out at a bar until 1:30 in the morning without drinking, and believe me there were many people trying to convince me to skip my run and drink, haha.  Rocket Bar was fun and laid back, we hung out with some other friends, played shuffle board, and had an overall good time.

Saturday morning, Dani, Adrienne, and I were all up early.  They were heading back into DC for an AIDS walk, and I had to get out the door for my 9 mile training run.  This run went a lot better than last weeks 8 miler.  I’m guessing the temperature difference and not drinking the night before are the two key factors in that.  I originally planned to run East on a trail all the way to the Potomac and back, but couldn’t figure out how to get around 395 so I turned around and followed the trail West instead.  It was a gorgeous morning, about 55 degrees when I started, and the trail was really nice.

I was going strong until mile five, when my hips started to really tighten up.  I took a few walking breaks, and stopped to get a really good stretch in at my turn around point.  The stretching break made all the difference, and as you can see by my splits I managed to pick it up for the last four miles home.  Before I knew it I was telling myself “only two miles left, that’s nothing!”  With .3 left to go, I saw Dani and Adrienne drive by me and stop at a red light.  They waved and asked if I wanted to hop in and hitch a ride the rest of the way home, but I was determined to hit 9 miles even so I declined.

Unfortunately, around mile six I started to experience some chaffing pain from my shorts, and just tried to ignore it but man did it burn.  I will definitely be breaking out the body glide for next weeks 9 miler.  I’m really pleased with my overall time, especially with all the hills Arlington has compared to NYC and my home town.

Before I even went inside the house to stretch, I stopped at 7-11 bought a huge bag of ice and a Gatorade to give myself an ice bath.  While I stretched, I let the tub fill up with cold water and then dumped the bag of ice into it.  I sat huddled in a sweatshirt in the ice water for about 15 minutes, hoping it would keep my legs from hurting too bad.  My friends thought I was insane, but hey I think it worked a little bit as they were not completely dead on Sunday.

After our respective mornings of exercise, the three of us went back out because the girls had a football game and I was their cheerleader.  It was an exciting game, and they won as time expired with a last-minute catch by our friend Adam in the end zone.


As with most intramural leagues for people our age, the main appeal is the beer specials after the game at the bar who sponsors the league.  The whole team and their fans, caravaned over to Union Jacks for $3.00 16 oz Bud Lights and some food.  I was absolutely starving by the time we got there, and housed a bacon cheeseburger in about five minutes flat.  That’s one of the best things about knocking off a 9 miler on a Saturday morning.  You don’t feel even a little bad about eating a giant burger and drinking beers :).

$366 later, hey a football team can eat and drink a lot, exhaustion started to set in, and Dani, Adrienne, and I said our goodbyes and called it a night.  I think we were all sound asleep by 11:00, but it was absolutely a fun day.

Sunday morning, Adrienne and I both were up at the crack of dawn and decided to take a stroll to Caribou and Harris Teeter to pick up coffees and breakfast fixings.  It was another beautiful morning in Arlington, and the crisp air finally felt like fall!  We picked up some bagels, bacon, and eggs to make our own breakfast sandwiches, and I have to say I think they were better than any bagel place would have done.  I think Dani also enjoyed waking up to the smell of bacon wafting from the kitchen ;).

After breakfast, we were off to take care of some errands and then watched a little football before I finally hit the road around 4:30.  It was a fun yet exhausting weekend, but I can’t wait to go back!  Miss you ladies already.

Today, I’m back to normal routine.  I have a 5 mile recovery run tonight, and then I’m finally getting my hair cut.  My last hair cut was Mother’s Day weekend, so I’m waaaay past due.  Today is also the last day to enter my give away, so if you haven’t yet, you have until midnight EST.  Happy Monday!

From 36,000 Feet

Good morning and happy Friday!  I’m currently coming to you from 36,000 feet somewhere above West Virginia near Kentucky at the moment en route to good old Memphis, TN.  I was smart enough to check the on board wi-fi options last night, and realized you save almost $2.00 by buying before you fly.  It’s awesome.  Getting to NYC last night however, not as awesome.

I made it to the train station relatively painlessly, but then 5:55 rolled around and no train. Still no train at 6.  It finally showed up around 6:05, 10 minutes late, and it was an old train, not one of the nice new NJ Transit double deckers.  I arrived in Penn Station around 7:30 at which point I had to navigate through the station to the subway with my gigantic suitcase.  Not an easy task, but apparently I looked nice and like I needed help because multiple people stopped to ask me if I needed help lugging my suitcase up the stairs.  I declined, but it was still nice of them to offer.

I originally was planning on trying to run 2 miles when I got to NY, but the Subway was a disaster and the L train took forever so I didn’t even make it to Alex’s until after 8:00 at which point all I wanted was a drink.  So that’s what I made, and then I waited for him to finish his fantasy football draft and pay attention to me :).

Our 4 am wake-up call came a little too soon, probably because we stayed up a little too late, but we managed to get out the door by 4:30, right on time.  It’s funny, even at 4:30 in the morning NYC still has a lot going home.  We even got stopped by a drunk couple who couldn’t find the building they were looking for.  They were just coming home as we were getting up to leave, oh to be young again :).  We hopped in a cab and made it to LGA in Queens in about 20 minutes.  Security was a breeze and we made it through and were ready to get some breakfast by 5 am.

LGA actually has some pretty good food choices in the Delta terminal and I got a turkey bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a roll, and picked up a turkey sandwich to eat on our second flight from Memphis to Iowa.  I also grabbed a Fage peach yogurt, that I ate on the plane as soon as we were allowed to put our tables down.


We land in Memphis around 8:30 and hopefully our connecting flight is nearby because that leaves at 9:20, and then we finally land in Iowa at 10:55 Central time.  Trying to figure out how long our flights were with the time change was driving me crazy, I always get so confused, haha.

sun coming up behind our plane

I think our hotel is about an hour away from the airport, so hopefully we get there by 1 and I can take a nap before it’s time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner at 5.  Lord knows I’m going to need it.  We actually lucked out on this flight, and there was an entire empty row so Alex and I moved over to it to have some more space.  He’s already asleep haha.

Alright, well I hope everyone has a great weekend!  What are you all up to?