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Last Night on the Mass Pike

After my last post, my week and mood picked up drastically; mostly due to the fact that Tuesday was my last day in the office for the week :). Thanks for all the nice comments and pick me ups on that post though, it always helps. Anyway, Wednesday was sort of like a “senior skip day” and I headed out to the last regular season Nationals game with a bunch of co-workers, and they just so happened to be playing the Phillies!

It was a delightfully ridiculous time, as you can probably see, and when I dragged myself in my front door at 9:30 pm (1 pm game) all I wanted was gallons upon gallons of water. Thankfully I was working from home on Thursday and could spend my morning in my pajamas recovering from the weekday debauchery, while also packing for my weekend trip to Boston! I headed out to Kacy’s apartment for a sleepover with her and Jess, so we could all catch our 10:30 am flight on Friday together.

here they are in the airport… seconds before Kacy realized she had abandoned her suitcase at a food kiosk. If you’re wondering how long it takes security to get the drug dogs out, it’s about 10 minutes

The flight from DC to Boston is about an hour and fifteen minutes, which gave the three of us just enough time to complete two crossword puzzles before landing and reuniting with the other two members of our group. Amy’s flight got in about 10 minutes before ours, and Steph scooped us all up and whisked us away to lunch.

Steph took us to Top of the Hub, which had gorgeous views of the city… and amazing food too

Amy and i… reunited and it feels soooo gooood

This is me, regretting my decision to not order the soup, embarrassing myself by scooping up all the last bits of Kacy’s soup with a piece of bread

After lunch, and a quick pit stop at Sephora, the five of us headed back to Steph’s house to regroup, freshen up, and pick up some necessities (booze and frozen pizza) before again  heading back into Boston for the evening. We ended up at Remy’s in the Seaport district which was full of men, playing lots of sports, and boasting endless nachos. A win on all counts.

Kacy and Jess went with the biker chic look for the evening

Amy and I were bringing back the 80s… team leggings as pants for the win

Because of traveling, and walking, and all of the nachos, this happened before too long. It’s fine though because no one wants to be hungover with a full day of touristing ahead of them.

Because of the aforementioned early end to Friday night, we were all up bright and early Saturday morning ready to tackle the day… and some food. Steph took us to Zaftigs for brunch and it was the perfect fuel for a day of sightseeing.

LEAVES! Waiting for our names to be called… by the end of the wait we were 5 inches from the door.

After stuffing our faces, we began our tour. Steph took us from Government Center/Quincy Market, through Boston Common, and the Public Garden, all the way down Newbury Street.

Pausing for a photo in the Public Garden, where we encountered no less than 10 bridal parties taking photos. Wedding season… sigh.

so pretty, we were all wondering where Matt Damon or Ben Affleck were to whisk us away like we were in some romantic comedy

This is getting quite long winded, so I’ll wrap it up as quickly as possible. After a pit stop for some beers, we again went back to Steph’s to change and freshen up before heading out to Watch City Brewing Company for beers and dinner. That’s where our night ended and I’m pretty sure they’re going to ask Steph to never bring us back there.

Pre-gaming for dinner… totes natural. I am unsure if this outfit makes me look like Robin (aka Batman’s sidekick) but I like it.

we are awkwardly delightful, sing too loud in public, monopolize the jukebox, and I love it.

I got home around 3:30 yesterday, and could barely keep my eyes open until the end of the Yankees game. It was a fun and amazing weekend, and I miss all your faces already. With no vacation days to look forward to until Thanksgiving, and no trips on the horizon, this week is a major let down compared to last. Oh well, guess it’s time to start planning something else?

Happy Mondayyyy.

Tuesday Thoughts

I have to be at work at least an hour earlier than normal every day for the rest of the week.  That means my alarm went off an hour earlier, which was painful to say the least.  Luckily the roommates brought back a dozen bagels from NYC, so I had that to look forward to at least.  Also, my car is slowly turning yellow.  Every morning there’s a thin layer of pollen hanging out.  It’s fun.

There is a lot less traffic at 6:50 in the morning than there is at 7:50, it’s kind of nice.  I think I made it to work in record time this morning.  However, I am not looking forward to sitting in 5 hours of workshop today where I actually have to pay attention, take notes, and relay the information to my coworkers.  How will I find time to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I’ve had my Jamaican vacation booked since like February, and last night I finally forked over the cash for airline tickets to pretty much complete the reservations.  Well, besides the balance on the resort, that’s not due until the fall.  I figure with gas prices projected to hit $5.00 a gallon, airline tickets are only going to go up and better to just suck it up now.  Thanks American Express for giving me a $40 discount with my almost 9000 rewards points, helpful, I guess.  It was a painful purchase to complete, and I officially need to place my Amex in ice and freeze it so I don’t use it ever again.

I finally got my ass back on the treadmill running last night.  Nothing crazy, 3 miles at something like a 9:30 pace.  Surprisingly, after two weeks off, it didn’t feel awful.  Watching the Boston Marathon yesterday morning probably helped to motivate me to get running.  Congrats to everyone who finished/ran/didn’t die, especially AR who PR’d and ran a 3:18.  Amazing.  I was getting so excited every time one of your splits would come through.

I’m hoping that since I’ve gotten myself to work a good hour earlier than normal, that means I get to leave an hour earlier, I suppose we’ll see.  Ugh alright, I’m off to work to actually pay attention.  Catch ya later.

A New Obsession

So for various reasons, I ended up making a last minute decision and not trekking up to NYC this weekend with the roommates, which left me with an empty house and no plans.  At least that meant I didn’t have to miss kickball now!

Unfortunately, the weekend got off to a rough start because as I was heading home from Maryland and into Virginia, the traffic reports told me this: “If you’re going into Virginia, you’re basically screwed.”  Wonderful, fantastic, just what I like to hear on a Friday afternoon.  So I did what any normal 25 year-old girl would do, and pulled out my GPS to locate the nearest mall.

Lucky for me, it was only 2 miles away, even if going that two miles did take almost a half an hour.  Even luckier for me was that it was a nice mall, with some of my favorite stores, like Apple, and JCrew.  Which is how I ended up with this little baby.

What can I say, I’m an emotional and impulsive shopper.  I’m also now obsessed with my pretty, new, iPhone.  So what apps do I need?  I’ve already got Words With Friends, Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Four Square, Wikipedia, Hipstamatic.  Come on people, gimme some good ones!

Saturday’s kickball double header ended up being rained out, but that doesn’t mean our flip cup matches couldn’t be played.  So I pulled out my rain boots, and hiked on into DC to meet up with the rest of my team around 1.  My team pretty much kicks ass and went 10-0 in flip cup matches, which is pretty damn impressive.  Apparently while we were crammed into a basement bar all day there were some pretty nasty storms going on outside.  I was completely oblivious, and almost surprised it was still daylight out when I made the walk back to the metro to go home.

Unfortunately I left my camera at work, so I have no pictures to share, and I wish I could direct you to the leagues Flikr stream, but it is password protected for a reason :).  I spent the rest of my Saturday with a pizza, and watching Country Strong for the 3rd time.  Yes, 3rd.  I liked it that much, although it was NOT what I was expecting at all.

Sunday was pretty much spent on the couch, until I finally managed to drag myself to the grocery store around 7 pm.  I’m hoping I stocked up on just enough to get me through the week, since I’m heading home to PA on Friday after work.  I played a lot of Angry Birds on Sunday kids, it’s as addicting as Darren said it was.  I also watched the latest Harry Potter movie, it was interesting.

The Boston Marathon is about to kick off, and you bet your ass I paid the $4.99 to get the live stream from Universal Sports.  Good luck to everyone running!