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Snowed In

Yesterday was, I think, the third big snow storm of 2010 for the Philadelphia area and snow totals are measuring almost 12 inches.  Originally my plan was the head back down to VA today, but with the drifting snow and high winds, my butt will be staying put until tomorrow.  Luckily my job is awesome and was closed today anyway, and I used a floating holiday to take tomorrow off.

There was no way I was missing out on my friend Michelle’s homemade gravy (sauce) and meatballs yesterday, so despite the rapidly accumulating snow I braved the roads and drove to her house.  The last time I saw her was before Thanksgiving, so it was nice to catch up on work drama and see how her wedding plans were going.  She showed me all the photos from the Engagement shoot and they were so cute!  After dinner and some wine, it was back out into the snow to clean off the car and make my way home.  The roads on the way home were getting worse, and my sister and I saw a car flipped over on the side of the road against some trees.  The rest of the night was spent huddled on the couch watching Easy A and Inception.

This morning I woke up to gusting winds and snow everywhere, and the pilot light for our fire-place is out.  It is a winter wonderland outside, albeit a bit chilly (9 degrees).

I think we are supposed to try to make it to my Aunt’s house in NJ later today, but my mother is MIA and not answering her cell phone or work phone so I’m not exactly sure.  Enjoy the snow if you have some, if you’re at work, I’m sorry!

Snowed In

I’m going stir crazy.  It’s 4 pm and still snowing here.  So far I watched Couples Retreat, twice, shoveled the driveway (it’s already completely covered again), baked cookies, and now I’m watching Love Happens.  Shoveling this morning was exactly the workout I expected it to be.  This snow was much different than the other two storms, whereas those were powdery and light, this snow was wet and heavy.  It took me an hour and a half to clear off my driveway.  I am sure I will feel that in my back and arms tomorrow.

This is about 9 am this morning, the “calm” before the bigger part of the storm.  It was sleeting and raining.  I think there was about 6 or 7 inches on the ground.

All my hard work, that has now been completely been undone, and then some.  I should probably go shovel again, but it looks reallllly cold and nasty out there.  For lunch I decided to try one of the California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas that I picked up at Target a couple weeks ago.  Went with the Margarita and it was delicious.  Luckily my mom was home to share it with me, or I probably would have eaten it all.

And then I went back for a third piece.  In honor of the upcoming romantic holiday this weekend, I decided to bake some cookies to bring the boyfriend when I go see him on Saturday.  I made these once before and they were a huge hit with him.  They are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, here is the recipe.

I need to put them away so I stop eating them.  I’ve already had like three or four and I am not usually a big sweets eater.  Give me a bag of potato chips over cookies and cake any day!  Except with these cookies, these I could eat all of.

These are some fun snow pictures now.

a couple of hours ago, after I shoveled

In the snow in the backyard, around 3:30

Backyard just a few minutes ago

front walkway around 3:30

Front walkway now

Pretty sure that tree is on the verge of just cracking in half.  So yeah, we have a little bit of snow here.  Apparently it is going to keep going like this until midnight.  Well I’m off to decide what to do with the chicken I have for dinner!

Here’s the present picture of the day.  He thinks he knows what he’s getting.  Muahaha, little does he know.  I got a picture of mine last night too!