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Ireland: Day 3

So I know I said I’d have another post about Ireland yesterday but I came down with what is either Tonsillitis or Strep Throat and have been dying ever since. Luckily for you guys my fever seems to have broken and I can somewhat function so I thought I’d post another recap. On our third day in Ireland we left Dublin and headed south through County Cork and County Kerry eventually ending our trip in Killarney.

Just one of the many farms full of sheep that we passed

Rock of Cashel

We stopped just outside of Cork to visit Blarney Castle and to kiss the Blarney Stone; something my sister and I weren’t quite prepared for. We knew there were a lot of stairs up to the top, but neither of us knew just how narrow and windy the staircase was, and we both almost had panic attacks.

just hanging out in front of Blarney Castle

Realizing just how much this walk up is going to suck

Taking a little breather in one of the side rooms off the stairs

so, so, cool

We finally made it to the top, and again I was not prepared for just how far out and down you had to lean to kiss that damn stone

I was THRILLED to be done

Col’s turn!

After climbing back down and regaining our composure we did some more exploring of theĀ gorgeousĀ grounds.

and we found a cave!

Eventually it was time to get back on the bus and continue on to Killarney to check into our hotel and get dinner, but not before I found some children’s toys to play with at a rest stop.

I definitely thought Killarney was one of the cutest towns we stayed in. Great Pubs too!

Col and I enjoying some post dinner drinks

Day three was definitely one of my favorites of the trip. We saw and did so much, our hotel was adorable and the town was cute!