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Hooray for Friday, and hooray for June?  I like the month of June, it’s always fun, and now I can officially start saying “MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONTH!”  Yeah, so what if I’m turning 27.  I still get excited about my birthday, make fun of me all you want.  Oh, and I also get to see Darren this month :).

Yesterday was a very productive day for a Thursday, I like to take advantage of my WFH days to the fullest.  In the morning I took a little 1.5 mile jog to the bank and back to deposit a plethora of checks.  I sincerely hope they enjoyed the sweat soaked deposit, as they were stuffed in my sports bra for the journey, and it was like 85 degrees yesterday.  Upon returning I made myself do some core work and push-ups and called it a work-out.

When I finally finished dripping with sweat, it was back out to run some more errands.  I hadn’t grocery shopped in a ridiculously long time, and had officially run out of food so it was beyond time to stock up.  I tried to hit up the Clarendon Trader Joe’s, but the fire alarm was going off and there were about 4 fire trucks in the street (anyone know what happened?) so I had to settle for the lame Harris Teeter.  $150 later (um oops) I’m officially set for the next two weeks most likely, with tons of delicious food.  Then I did laundry, but that’s not too exciting.

I also managed to plow through the first season of Game of Thrones in the past two days.  Every episode of that show infuriates me and makes me want to punch someone.  Mostly that damn bitch of a Queen.  I hate her.  I suspect I’ll be able to watch what’s run of season 2 so far this year by the end of the day weekend.

Switching the page of my calendar is my favorite part of a new month, and this month’s photos make me miss Chicago and Amy a lot. Oh right, and Darren.

So many fun times were had that weekend, and let’s not forget to mention my first experience with Rod! Alright, anywhoodle, what are you all looking forward to this month?  I’ve got lots of fun things scheduled and not gonna lie, am keeping my fingers crossed for a surprise or two.  Mainly one, in the form of a sparkly piece of jewelry.  Hey, it could be an early birthday present!

Weeknight Fun

Today, I am moving slightly slower than normal for a Friday.  As I mentioned yesterday, it was Adrienne’s birthday, and to celebrate we had a small gathering of friends, also known as an orgy (10 Things reference, anyone?) over for a BBQ.  I drank a little too much wine, and stayed up a little too late, but whatevs it was fun.  It was also somewhat chilly, so we took advantage of that and lit our chiminea for the first time in a long time.

spotted! my new red striped Toms

Dani and I sitting around the fire

There were burgers, dogs, macaroni and potato salad, cupcakes, chips and salsa, all of the things that make BBQs delicious.  I think the birthday girl enjoyed her little party, and hopefully she isn’t too tired today.

I’m planning to hit the road up to PA around 3:30 this afternoon (even though I’ve technically worked enough hours this week to have the whole day off) and hopefully will make it there without hitting too much traffic.  I have dinner plans tonight with my mom, and then tomorrow I’m spending the day in Philly getting my hair did and probably spending more money that I really shouldn’t.  My sis arrives home from California on a 7:35 flight, so after I pick her up we’ll hopefully have a lovely sister date.

I hope you all have some fab plans for the weekend as well.  Happy Friday!

Insert Clever Title Here

Mmmmmk so, judging by the extreme lack of traffic this morning me thinks there are a good number of people playing “72 degree weather” hookie today. Lucky them.  I’m at work, but oh well what are ya gonna do.

No news about the house yet, the house buying gods are against us and do not want us to get one it seems.  The more I watch shows like Property Virgins and House Hunters the angrier I get (yes I know they’re fake) because NO ONE hears back about their offer on a property within hours of making it.  It’s a load of bull if you ask me.  I’m just ready for this stressful process to be over.

I’m still making a strong comeback in the gym this week and was able to work off some of that stress by doing some more cardio yesterday.  40 minutes on the elliptical (while getting angry at HGTV) and 20 minutes on the treadmill, I even ran for the last 5, followed by some stretching and planks.  I still feel like a blimp, but hopefully after a few more weeks like this I’ll be feeling back to normal.

Darren’s birthday is on Sunday, and for it I got him a racing wheel controller and Need for Speed video game for his XBOX, because apparently 28 is the new 8.  The wheel arrived at his house yesterday and he is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the game because “This wheel is soooo cool and shiny!” Yes, actual words said.

My mom, sister, and two aunt’s are coming to visit this weekend, and umm I have no idea what to do with them. If only it were going to be this nice on Saturday :(.  So far my only two thoughts are walk around Georgetown and eat and shop, or walk around the Mall/Monument area and eat.  I suck.

Also, I thought today was Friday for a while, realizing it wasn’t also sucked,  but I think I’m going to ask to leave a few hours early tomorrow so that should be nice.  Anyway, bye.