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I’m on a Boat

I know on Friday I said I didn’t want to do anything this weekend, just sit around and relax.  Well I managed to do that, on Friday, but when my friend Keith sent me a text message at 9 pm Friday night asking if I wanted to go boating on Saturday I couldn’t turn it down.  A few text messages later, and I confirmed that Adrienne and myself would be at his front door in Baltimore by 1:30 sharp.

Wouldn’t you know, A and I actually managed to make it to Baltimore the following morning a little early, and one pit stop for BLL (Bud Light Lime) later we were boarding the boat.  Oh, and did I mention the boat’s owner and our captain was Australian?  I could have listened to him talk about the rules for tubing all day long.  We headed out from the Baltimore harbor to the cleaner waters of the Chesapeake Bay, where we spent the remainder of the day.

there was lounging

lots of tubing

talk about a great upper body workout

and then finally relaxing

After everyone had their fill of tubing, we made our way to a little more secluded area, anchored the boat, tied up the rafts and got to floating.  Eventually we all started to realized we were starving, so the grill came out and a delicious dinner of corn, hot dogs, and hamburgers was served.  I also did a lot of this, because I can only sit still for so long.  There were back dives also, but none captured on film.


We started to make our way back in as the sun was setting, and it made a great end for a great day.  We docked just around 11 pm I think, and Keith, Adrienne, and myself made it back to Keith’s house with just enough energy to shower before we all passed out hard.

The next morning, Adrienne and I packed up and headed back to VA, but full of energy from a good nights sleep we spent the whole trip home brainstorming ideas for the rest of the day.  Eventually we decided on the 1:30 Nationals game, and scored some awesome $10 seats along the first base line.  Sure it was hot, but we had ice cold Miller Lights to cool us down, and we were in the shade for the most part.

It was a fantastic weekend that has left me cursing my 7 am work start time this week, and with an aching upper body, but it was worth it and fun!  I doubt this coming weekend will result in any less activity since my birthday is next Monday and I hope to be celebrating.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!

In Brief

Things I did this morning:

  1. Ate McDonald’s breakfast, and yes it was fantastic.
  2. Drank iced coffee out of the largest container ever

Things I did last night:

  • Watched the Phillies beat up on the Nationals in a Philly fan packed stadium

  • Drank beers and ate hot dogs with good friends

  • Stayed way too late at the Bull Pen after the game was over having fun 🙂

double fisting all around

It was a gorgeous night at the ballpark, and the game was over in 2 hours flat.  Cliff Lee pitched a lovely 9 inning shut-out, and we have awesome seats int the Club Level.  Thanks again to our friend Eric for bringing us to the game!  Fun times pal! Happy Friday kids!  Hope you have a great weekend!

My Side

So, I was prepared to completely leave this alone and never address it here on the blog, but it seems as though I cannot do that now.  A few months ago, a new girl starting following me on Twitter and commenting on my blog.  She seemed nice and friendly, and I had no problem talking to her and helping her out with the blog questions that she had.  Then little by little, there were some details that started to show that made me think she wasn’t who she said she was.  She claimed to live in NJ, but her IP address showed she was actually in the same town as me, and other things that were way to similar to my ex boyfriends new girlfriend.  I wont’ go into all the specifics, but I always had a nagging suspicion it was her.

Around this time, if you’re a long time reader you’ll remember I opened a Formspring account, and I started receiving mostly questions about me and my ex.  I tried to answer them as honestly as I could without really bad mouthing him in the process, and I think I did.  We all read the Applebees story, and how I felt about that, and I’ve told him to his face that it was a horrible place to break up, but other than that I can’t recall saying mean things.  I never once said anything about her on my blog at all.

I answered all the questions honestly, and said that we just weren’t meant for each other.  If I did say mean things, well I apologize, sometimes when you have your heart broken it’s hard to remain objective and nice.  In regards to her claims about the Facebook albums suddenly becoming public, yes I did that, because I felt like she was trying to throw her relationship with him in my face and how happy they were.  I think it’s always important to remember that before you came a long, there was probably someone else who loved your bf or gf and not to purposely hurt them.  Soon after, I took all the albums down and blocked both my ex and his gf on Facebook, and pretty much unfriended all the mutual friends we once had.  I wanted to eliminate all that drama from my life.  After all, I have Alex and we are very happy.

I appreciate this girls apology and admitting that her and her friends were messing with me for months. I’m sorry if you felt like I was trying to one up you.  I assure you I have no harmful intentions, and I really wish you two the best.  Him and I were not right for each other, and I knew that almost immediately after we broke up.  I never called you names here on my blog or elsewhere, I hope we can both move on and put this all behind us.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way.  Both the Yankees and Phillies won last night, with Halladay throwing a no hitter.  It was a pretty great night of baseball, and I’m so excited it’s playoff season.  I had my dentist appointment, and almost escaped without any cavities, but my charming dentist found a small one at the last minute.  Sigh, someday I’ll go to the dentist and not have any cavities.  I didn’t get out of there until almost 6:00, so I completely skipped my workout pushing it to tonight.

Boyfriend is coming into town tomorrow night, but first the beautiful Hope and I are meeting up for a drink after work!  I’m excited to meet her because she actually only lives about two minutes from me!.  Happy Thursday people, the sun is finally out again here!