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A Random Tuesday Update

Over the weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the upcoming April wedding of one of my friends. Well, technically the bride and groom are both friends of mine but on Saturday we just celebrated the bride. The day started with a lovely bridal shower at the Fairfax Country Club and wrapped up with her bachelorette party in DC.

We rented a limo to take us to Carmine’s for one of the most delicious, and gigantic, Italian feasts ever and then out on the town for some drinks before heading home for a good old-fashioned sleepover.

Limo ridin’

the bachelorette and I

It was so much fun that even Pumpkin was exhausted on Sunday, and she wasn’t even invited. I guess she could just feel how tired I was and was experiencing sympathy sleepiness.

so dramatic, that one

so dramatic, that one

It was a fun day, but as with all things fun it takes me longer to recover and get back into the swing of things the older I get. So I’m still struggling to get my life back together on this Tuesday morning. I’m also pretty much out of food and have $40 to my name until Thursday at midnight, so meals are about to get realllll interesting. Dear bonus season, are you there? It’s me, Kelly. This unfortunate financial circumstance is all my damn eyeballs fault, and why I drag a year supply of contacts out for two years. $417 for contacts and new lenses for my glasses?!?!?! Excuse you, but who do you think you are. Woof.

Since I’m no longer relying on nutrients from wine and other alcoholic beverages alone, and consuming actual food again I’ve had to actually start working out again. Whereas before I was just kind of pretending to do things in the gym, now I’m actually doing things, including getting my running mileage up. I spend a lot of time with a bright purple facing, longing for the days when a 6 mile run seemed easy.

photo (84)

I also do weights at least once a week, and a terrible Ab burner I saw on The Fitnessista along with a push-up pyramid (10,9,8,7… etc down to 1) every week. Holler for being able to do all 55 push-ups on my toes. This may have more to do with the desire to not have my arms look flabby and gross when I’m b-maiding it up later this year than the actual desire to be strong.

So yeah, that’s what’s happening in my life these days. OH! Can any of y’all recommend a camera that would be good for Ireland. So good for scenery, and gratuitous posts of my sister and I drinking? Low lighting, bright lighting, not super fancy (aka a point and shoot) and not terribly expensive (see reference to having no money). Gracias friends! As Quentin Tarantino said on Sunday night, peace out.

Weekend at Home

So, I’m still in PA today.  The weather here yesterday was nasty, and after hearing about the struggles my sister went through driving home from MD earlier in the day, I decided to make today a mental health day.  I’ll finally head back down to VA sometime this afternoon.  I’m not going to complain about the unplanned day off, because I managed to sleep until almost 10 am, and it was awesome.  The weekend tired me out.

My drive home on Friday afternoon was actually amazing, and it took me less than three hours, which is almost unheard of.  After arriving home, my sis and I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond so I could pick up a shower gift, and then I met up with Liv at Starbuck’s.

Liv and I have been talking on Twitter for months now, and discovered we were from the same town, and even had mutual “real” friends in common.  It’s always fun meeting internet friends and real life, and finally putting a face/voice to a picture or blog.  It was nice to finally meet her in person, and we sat chatting for about an hour and a half before I had to say goodbye and go meet my mom for dinner.

My mom, sister, and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at La Stalla while sitting outside on the patio.  It was a gorgeous night, and I was almost chilly despite having long pants on.  It was awesome, I can’t remember the last time I sat outside without sweating profusely, a cool breeze was nice.  After dinner, the three of us met up with two of my sister’s other friends at the movies, where we saw The Help.  I liked it, but I still haven’t read the book, not sure if I will or not.

Saturday was full of pre-wedding celebrations for my friend Michelle.  First up was her bridal shower at a local restaurant.  We enjoyed lunch and wine while she flew through present opening.  Thank you for that Michelle.

Alexis and I at the shower

Michelle opening gifts

All my old work friends

After a quick outfit change, it was time to head over to Michelle’s sister’s house for her Penn State themed bachelorette party.  As Ashley and I were changing, all we kept saying was how this was the most comfortable bach party outfit ever, and that it was awesome.  It really was, I’m so glad we didn’t have to get dressed up and go out haha.

Ash and I

with the bride to be

What happens at a bach party, stays at a bach party, but there were the typical games, dancing, drinking, and tons of food.  It was really fun, and nice that we could all just pass out at the house at the end of the night without worrying about getting home.  I stuck to beer for most of the night, and managed to escape without a massive hangover yesterday.  Score.  Other things I learned about myself on Saturday night?  I can still do a full split, and pirouette with the best of them.  I suppose that’s what happens when almost the entire bridal party were once ballerinas.

It’s still raining here, which blows, but at least it will be daytime, and a Monday so hopefully traffic won’t be so bad.  Catch ya later.

AC 1, Kelly 0

Yes, that’s right, I think it is safe to say that AC got the best of me on Saturday night.  I got home yesterday around 2 pm, immediately changed into sweats and a t-shirt and did not move from the couch for the rest of the day.  I hope Alexis had a great time at her bachelorette party, I know the rest of us did!

Ashley and I arrived at the beach around 1:00 on Saturday and joined the rest of the party that was already down there relaxing.  We spent a few hours getting some sun and enjoying a few beers, because there really is nothing better than some beers on the beach.

bach party ladies!

The bride to be in the stripes in the middle surrounded by her girls.  After packing it up at the beach, we went back up to the house for a few more cocktails and appetizers.  Dinner was easy and simple, some sub sandwiches picked up by Alexis’s mom.  Then it was time to get ready, and let me tell you there is nothing easy about six girls trying to get ready at the same time.  Good thing there was an outdoor shower to take advantage of.  We did end up blowing a fuse by having too many blowdryers going, but that was quickly fixed.

all dolled up!

Here we all are ready to head out to Harrah’s!  Again, I look like a giant monster but that’s mostly due to my 4 inch wedges.  We had a few more cocktails at the house before calling a cab and heading out to the club.  By the time we got to Harrah’s it was about 10:30 and there was already a huge line to get into the pool bar.  I was feeling sassy and thought we were all looking pretty good, and did not want to stand in line for 45 minutes, so I called a security guy over, batted my eyelashes and explained that we were there for a bachelorette party and was there anything he could do?  He then pulled the events manager over said something to him, and then the events manager came over to me.  He asked how many of us there were, I said six, and he said ok hold on I’ll be right back.  Two minutes later he came back unclipped the velvet rope and escorted us to the front of the line, and we were in a few minutes later.  Score!

Our first stop was the bar to grab drinks, and then we immediately made our way to the dance floor to shake our booties and that is where we stayed.  There was a $25 cover to get in, which was a little steep for my pockets but luckily the boys in the club were very generous last night and I didn’t end up buying a single drink for myself!  Sorry babe, but a girls gotta drink ;).

The number of people in that pool when we left at 2:30 was insane.  I guess they felt like swimming, haha.  It was a beautiful night out, and we ended up spending most of it on the newly added rooftop bar.  Unfortunately, by the end of the night my 4 inch wedges got the best of me and I literally fell off the side of them once or twice, ok three times, and am sporting a lovely little cut on my knee and foot from hitting the concrete.  Wooopsiesss.

dance dance!

Ashley and I

me and the bride to be

time to call it a night!

After we left the pool bar, we actually did a little gambling while waiting for our van cab to come back and pick us up.  Apparently I thought it was a good idea to take all the money I didn’t spend on drinks and play some Roulette.  I lost $40 in about 2 seconds flat.  Sigh.  Regretted that a little this morning, but hey you only live once right?  All in all, it was a great night and I had a great time and I think Alexis did too.  Now only a little over a month until her big day!

Is anyone else completely amazed that it is August already, I don’t want summer to end :(.  I’m still super exhausted today, so I’m going to try and get through my Monday as painlessly as possible.  I hope you all had a great weekend also!