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Cupcake Wednesday

First of all, Pumpkin says hello and thank you for all the well wishes with her plethora of vet visits lately.

Nearly $500 later, I have good news from the vet.  The test results are in and her kidney function levels are a normal level.  The explanation?  A high in meat diet.  Interesting since all she eats is Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula hard food.  She must be sneaking into my turkey lunch meat after I leave for work for the day.  Anyway, looks like she’ll be fine, unless I kill her for waking me up at 3 am every morning.  The other night I finally used my brain and started taking her collar off of her so when she runs around like a crack addict in the middle of the night she doesn’t jingle like Santa Clause.  So much nicer.

Yesterday after work I hit the gym for a speed session on the treadmill; 2×1 miles at 8:25 pace.  The speed felt good, as did my new shoes.  I think I may have accidentally ordered them in a narrow width, um but whatever, I didn’t seem to have any problems last night.  I’ll let you know if I lose a toe.  After the speed workout, I hopped on the elliptical for another two miles and called it a night.

Once home, I got right to setting up my replacement Blackberry.  It’s smaller and more light weight than my old one, and purple.  Those are the only things I like about it.  Mostly because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to download the freaking Backup Assistant onto it.  The tech guy at Verizon did it for my old one on Saturday and didn’t show me how, and the VZW website provides absolutely no help.  None.  I might have thrown my old Blackberry on the floor in a fit of rage.  Then I ate a chocolate fudge cupcake and felt better.  So yeah, I currently have three contacts in my phone.  If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it, otherwise I will be storming the Verizon store later in a cranky fit.

Lastly, I may have been given the “ok” to start researching a vacation for the late fall (mostly because I’m a whiny beotch if I don’t get my way) so if anyone has a favorite place they’ve been too.  Throw em at me!  I’m trying to stay under $1000 per person, so keep that in mind!  Alright so since most of the country is buried under snow and ice today, stay safe and warm!  We’re heading into the 50s with lots of rain.  Boo.  Happy Wednesday.  Oh, and I’m about to eat a cupcake for breakfast.


Well hello!  I’m currently still in my bed trying to convince myself to get out and get ready for work :).  My alarm went off this morning, I immediately called our emergency weather hotline, was excited to hear we were opening 2 hours late, and rolled over and went back to bed for an hour.  That means I should plan to get there around 10:30, so I’ve still got some time to relax.

I made it to the gym last night after work and got in a 4 mile run at an easy 9:30 pace, and then I made myself go grocery shopping.  It had been two weeks since I really went and stocked up on food, so I had a big job ahead of me.  In order to not go completely crazy and buy everything (which I tend to do when I shop after a workout) I wrote out my meal plans and only  bought things on my list.  I still spend a butt load of money, but at least I know exactly what I’m doing with everything I bought.

So I finally got around to making my training plan for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler yesterday, and I think it looks pretty good.  Here it is, what do you all think.


(click to enlarge)


Then after I made it, I realized that the Thursday and Saturday runs scheduled for March 10 and 12 might not  happen since I’ll be in Chicago on vacation with Darren.  Although maybe, because he’ll probably want to go to the gym also.  I guess we’ll see.  It’s pretty much the exact same plan I followed for the Philadelphia Half Marathon, just with shorter long runs on the weekend.  My last few runs I’d been having some sore shins and burning feet, so you know what that means.  Time for new shoes!  I found my favorite Aasic 2100 series sneakers at Running Warehouse for cheaper than in stores, and they arrived yesterday!

Alright, I actually do need to go get ready for work now.  My new cell phone is “On Truck for Delivery” so I’m hoping if I procrastinate enough it will get here before I leave and then I can mess with it at work all day ;).  Happy 1st day of February!