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Oh the Madness!

Happy Friday y’all! I’ve been super swamped at work the past two days, and by that I mean I’ve been live streaming March Madness and keeping track of my bracket. It’s intense, and awesome. I’m 13/17 picks wise at the moment, that epic Duke loss luckily screwed most everyone I’m in a pool with and not just me. So bring on the Madness, ha!

We’re currently sitting 16 days away from Cherry Blossom, and while I’m still not entirely sure my body is going to make it without completely falling apart I’m giving it my best. 4.12 miles last night in 40 minutes, and my tomorrow my first attempt at a long run since March 1. I also did a lot of foam rolling this week which seems to have broken up some of the tightness along my right IT Band, but has also left me feeling like someone repeatedly punched me. Really hard. You win some you lose some.

The weather for tomorrow looks fantastic though, and I’m interested to see how I feel in some warm weather. Then I plan on planting my ass somewhere outdoors, drinking some beers, and watching more basketball. Basically an ideal day right there, and I plan on embracing this one day of warm weather, because well then there’s this.

photoI can’t even. GTFO of here winter. Let’s move on to something less depressing than the thought of snow on March 25, I used a majority of my bonus this year to pay off 1) my couch that I bought last summer 2) my American Express card 3) my J.Crew card and 4) a large portion of my Master Card balance, but I saved just a little bit to get some thing for myself that I could use.

new running kicks… neon naturally

neutral patent flats

I also could use a new pair of white jeans, and some new sheets as mine are rapidly approaching 4 years old and are kinds wearing thin. Anywhoodle, that’s all from me. Hope all your brackets aren’t completely busted yet, keep your fingers crossed for me on my long run tomorrow!

One Response

  1. I have hardly watched any March Madness. My interest in it this year is minimal and maybe it’s because I’m slightly frustrated with Mizzou’s lackluster performance this year. Whatev…

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