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Half Way Point

Happy Friday and more importantly happy last freakin day of February! The end of February is apparently not marking the end of winter weather since it is cold as shit out there again, and there might be another storm on Monday. Basically, this is how I felt this morning:

unnamedIt’s been a pretty standard week over here, workouts, happy hour, work, blah, blah, blah. On Tuesday Kathryn and I ran “together” (on treadmills next to each other) before heading over to Buffalo Wild Wings for happy hour. She is fast and kicks my butt and makes me feel really slow as I’m plodding along at a 9:20 pace while she hauls ass at a 7:47. So yeah, 3 miles @ 9:21 pace followed by abs and beers and chicken nachos. They go together.

sometimes (most times) I got to happy hour after running without showering, it's fine

sometimes (most times) I got to happy hour after running without showering, it’s fine

I’m surprised they were even willing to stand close enough to me to take a picture, Kathryn actually showered because she is a clean person and I really just don’t care. That’s probably why she has a boyfriend and I have a dog. Wednesday it snowed, because of course it snowed, three inches during the morning rush hour so I made the call to switch my WFH day from Thursday to Wednesday and not deal with the awesome DC area traffic caused by precipitation. That also meant my rest day got switched, so even though I sat around in running clothes all day (because they are warm) I did not run.

Yesterday was the weekly speed workout. 1 mile warm-up at 6 mph, 32 min of 2 min hardish (7 mph) 2 min easy (6 mph), 1 mile cool-down.

photo 2 (2)I might as well have gone swimming because I was so sweaty at the end I looked like I’d jumped in a pool. It was a hard workout, but I was surprisingly not dead at the end which is leaving me hopeful for the 7 miler planned for tomorrow. Blech. Planning on doing some light upper body weights and core stuff today, but we’ll see if I actually make it outside and over to the gym.

Five weeks to go! Holy crap… that’s soon.

One Response

  1. I’d be in the no shower happy hour club as well. 😉 Great job on the speedwork! I’ll be attempting 10 (I agreed with myself a min of 7 is required) miles tomorrow while we have short warmup (haha 40 is warm???). Kick ass these next 5 weeks, lady! You got this! 🙂

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