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Oh what a week it was

Hey, it’s snowing again! Because apparently this winter is never going to end. I don’t mind it so much, I mean it’s February it’s supposed to snow, but I’m one of those weirdos who gets annoyed at unseasonable weather. So when it was in the 60s over the weekend, I was kind of annoyed (don’t shoot me)! I realize I haven’t posted since last Monday, but man on man was last week a week.

On Tuesday morning my friend Jen and I were sitting waiting to turn into work (we carpool) and we saw another co-worker get hit by a car while crossing the street. It was easily one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen, and Jen and I were out of my car and sprinting down the street so quickly that I barely remembered to pull up my emergency brake and hit my flashers. I didn’t realize I left my car running until about 20 minutes later. As the only witnesses to the accident we had to stay and give statements to the police, and need to be available for any follow-up. Amazingly the man who was hit only suffered a broken collar-bone, some broken ribs, and a cut on his forehead, but needless to say we were incredibly shaken up for the rest of the day, and happy hour drinks were a necessity on Tuesday night.

The rest of my week was much less exciting, thankfully, and pretty much revolved around watching all of the Olympics coverage possible. I kind of feel a little lost now without them… what am I supposed to stream at work, what do I watch when there is literally nothing else on TV except those damn Kardashian’s? Oh, binge watch House of Cards season 2… on it.

My long run on Saturday was a major fail. I was planning on something between 6-7  miles, and was initially excited about the warm weather and running in shorts and a t-shirt. However, it became quite clear after a mile in, that I was never ever going to make it six miles. My legs were dead, my HR was sky rocketing and I was not nearly recovered enough from the 4 miler I did on Friday evening, or the leg workout I did on Wednesday. Six became a slowwww four as I shuffled home, only to realize I’d locked myself out of my dumb house. Luckily it was warm enough that sitting on the sidewalk stretching in the sunshine, waiting for my roommate to get home was nice.

I had a friend up visiting on Saturday night, and the three of us (us plus the roommate) ventured into DC for another friends birthday party. It was good times, and I think all the curling I watched during the course of the Olympics definitely helped my shuffleboard skills. It’s all about the strategy ya see, now just throwing shit down the board, haha. Anyway, that was last week!

Workouts of the week

2/17: Elliptical + core work
2/18: 3 miles easy pace
2/19: Strength workout (Legs, biceps, triceps)
2/21: 4 miles; 1 @ 6.0 mph, 2 miles alternating 30 sec @ 6.8 30 @ 6.0, 1 mile from 6.8 down to 6.0
2/22: 4 miles @ 9:47 ish pace I think, didn’t upload that run to Garmin yet

Last night it was back to the gym for some cross training and core crap. Some of my friends/co-workers were finishing up their workout and asked if I would do the ab routine I do with them. I probably wouldn’t have done it had they not been there, so thanks guys for making me, even if you were complaining the ENTIRE time.

4 minute ab burner

4 minute ab burner

30 seconds standard plank, 30 seconds rocking back and forth, 1 minute side plank, 30 seconds of alternating hip dips (pictured), 1 minute opposite side plank, 30 seconds up/down planks (forearms to hands). I’m mostly yelling at Kathryn (purple shirt) to shut up and stop making us laugh because it’s not making things any easier.

Alright off to go get some lunch in the snow! Laterrrrrr.

6 Responses

  1. Oof that sounds traumatizing! How did that even happen? was the driver just not paying attention? Last we had a 7 inch snowstorm here in May. MAY. I was not pleased.

    • There was a giant snow pile that obstructed the vision of cars coming from the right, and as the man stepped out from behind it to cross the street he was it. They then immediately removed that snow pile. It snowed again yesterday and today, haha.

  2. Planks! I love them. But it really is hard to motivate myself to do them. Shall we end our workout next week that way? Ok, thanks. 🙂

  3. I really need to start doing ab work. I just haaaate it. And I hope your coworker is okay! That sounds so scary.

    • I try to make it part of my stretching routine, that way it’s kind of just ingrained to do some planks. Yeah it was horrifying, I have like a panic attack every time I need to cross the street there now.

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