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Happy February 14!

Or Valentine’s Day… whatever.

I found that one appropriate, as my car is currently still sitting on the street in front of my house surrounded by snow, and I really have no intention of doing anything about it.  I don’t mind V-day, it is what it is. Sure it’s corny, but if that’s your kinda thing then have at it. I will however mock any engagements that happen on this day, because c’mon show some originality. I’m not technically celebrating, because hi, single, although I did send someone a card that made me laugh like an idiot in the store when I read it.



Anyway, so I’m snowed in for the second day in a row, and if I don’t get out for a little bit I may actually lose my mind. Before the snow storm forced me inside, there were some pretty good workouts, so let’s talk about those.

2/10: 33 min elliptical and planks + abs
2/11: 3 miles @ 6.4 – 7.0 mph
2/12: 4 mile tempo, 1 mi @ 10 min/mi, 2 mi @ 9:05-8:30 min/min, 1 mi @ 9:22 min/mi
2/13: Shoveling (it counts, that shit was heavy)

I’m supposed to cross-train and lift some weights today, but well I don’t have access to the gym. I might walk to the dog park with the dog and call it a day. This weeks long run should be 6 miles, but apparently it’s going to snow again tonight so who knows what will happen with that. We shall see.

If you’re single and lonely today *hugs*, if you’re partnered up, whatcha up to with your lovah? 

9 Responses

  1. No idea what lovah is planning, I do know he’s cooking for me. Yay! I’m running 8 miles at the gym before though….ick.

    I think I’m the only person not totally upset about snow, but that’s bc I’m going to Blue Mountain tomorrow. 😉

    • Ick indeed. And nice, gotta love a man who cooks. My roommate made me a steak dinner last night haha. Oh I totally love the snow it makes me so happy. This storm was the best!

  2. Happy February 14! Or as I’m calling it, Snow Day #8 Where the Hell is My Summer Going? Shoveling totally counts. That ish is physically demanding, and it’s easily made up 40% of my workouts this winter.

  3. I think valentines day is lame, single or not. This year I am not single, but I refuse to go out to eat at any crowded overpriced restaurant. I’m going to a reggae concert instead.

  4. Are you sore from shoveling? That’s the perfect strength routine, in my opinion… 🙂

    Happy belated V-Day, lover. xoxo

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