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Skiing > Running

Hey, hey, hey! Last I left you it was… Tuesday, oops my b, and training was trucking along nicely. I’ve somewhat fallen off the wagon a little bit since then, but it’s not my fault, I swear. I left on Friday morning for a ski trip and didn’t get back until Sunday afternoon, at which point I collapsed on the couch in an exhausted heap and couldn’t move. 

A group of 12 of us ventured up to Seven Springs, PA for a weekend of cozy drinking in a snowy environment. Some of us even hit the slopes. The last time I went skiing was about 5 years ago, so I was a little nervous to get back out there, but I’m so glad I did. It was absolutely freezing, but the conditions were awesome, and it snowed the entire day we were out, putting down another inch or two of fresh powder throughout the day.

house1 mountainsOur cabin was about 2 miles from the ski resort, which was pretty much perfect. I hit my limit for the day after about 6 hours, when I realized I couldn’t feel my fingers or stop shivering on the ski lift (and took a nice tumble down a mountain), and met up with the non-skiers who had spent their day in the Foggy Goggle drinking. We all eventually made it back to the cabin for a giant family dinner and ALL of the Olympics watching. It was a great trip and I’m ready for another! 

Workouts of the week
2/4: 2 miles + 1 on the elliptical
2/5: 3 miles w/1 of speed intervals
2/8: 6 hours of skiing

Uh… back on the training wagon this week. I swear. As soon as I stop feeling sore. Unless we get pounded  by snow, which I think we are. Womp, womp.



4 Responses

  1. I’m kind of glad the impending snow is falling on a light run day, otherwise I’d be getting REALLY cranky. I love snow, but running this time of year is getting tricky.

  2. I’ve heard Seven Springs is amaaazing.

  3. Skiing is better than running? You take that back right now.

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