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I like these things

Well I’m happy to see that at least a few of you hadn’t completely forgotten about me! Or you’re just as lazy as I am and never deleted me from your reader feeds. Either way, hello hello! I’m currently sitting on my couch waiting for the temps to creep out of the 20s so I can go get my run in, and the dog is flipping out because I have sneakers on and she thinks that means she’s going somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’d totally take her running with me if I wasn’t 100% sure I’d trip over her, fall, and break my face. I am one of the clumsiest, (somewhat) athletic, person  you will ever meet.

So, since most of you are experiencing this stupid cold weather I thought I’d share some of my favorite cold weather running crap with you. I may not be able to find pants I like, but I have recently acquired a plethora of tops that I’m obsessed with. First up, the long sleeve Saucony top I’m currently wearing.

Saucony LS

It’s neon, has thumb holes, is long enough for me, tight but not too tight, and realllly comfy. Also the side ruching is pretty cute. I got this at my local Fleet Feet store where it was 30% off, I can’t find the exact one on the website, but this one is similar. I also now own two of the Brooks Essential Long Sleeve half zips, and I LOVE them. I wore one last weekend for my long run with another long sleeve underneath and was just warm enough. I can see myself wearing them alone when it gets a little warmer or with just a tank underneath.

I ordered a pair of Under Armor Cold Weather Gear Compression tights, they should arrive Monday so after I test them out I’ll report back on how I feel about them. I’m actually wearing capris today, because I cannot deal with yanking tights up for an entire run today. My ankles are going to freeze off. It’s cool.

Workouts so far this week were 35 minutes on the elliptical, a plank workout, and foam rolling on Monday, and an interval run on Tuesday. 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile of 15 sec pick-ups and 45 sec jog, 1 mile cool-down. My legs were absolutely trashed yesterday so I was glad to have a rest day. And just for shits and giggles, here’s what my leg currently looks like. I took this post run on Tuesday.

leg scar

Isn’t it pretty? It feels weird too, haha 🙂

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