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Logging the Miles

While “official” training didn’t kick off until yesterday, I’ve been working to get myself back into running shape for a few weeks now, because I am out of it. That Cherry Blossom race in 2011 was the last thing I trained for, and I pretty much let any type of consistent running fall by the wayside since then. Also, having a leg injury sideline me from any type of physical activity for two months didn’t help matters either. However, if you’re looking for an awesome gym conversation starter, I recommend walking around with a giant, disgusting wound on your leg. The looks of horror are amusing, and people are very curious as to why it looks like you’re turning into a zombie. There’s always that one weird guy that insists on looking at the scar every day though, that gets awkward, especially when it’s the middle of January and I haven’t shaved my legs in a few days.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that most of the country is suffering through the coldest January in like, a century which has made getting outside for long runs SUPES FUN. It’s currently a balmy 7 feels like -10 degrees here, and I mostly just want to burrow into my puffy coat and never emerge. Despite the OMG POLAR VORTEX I’ve gotten two longish runs under my belt, and apparently the cold makes me fast. I credit not being able to actually feel my legs and ass during said runs.

January 18: 3 Miles
mile 1: 8:55
mile 2: 8:57
mile 3: 8:44

Felt relatively good during that run, I think it was around 34 degrees, which is warm compared to recent weather. I went on a bar crawl after that and drank all the beer. Balance, yo.

I’ve also been living in flannel. It’s fine.

January 26: 4 Miles
mile 1: 10:40 (got stuck at a light and didn’t realize my watch was still going)
mile 2: 8:59
mile 3: 9:06
mile 4: 8:32

Longest run in a very long time, and cold. Very cold, like 22 degrees. Also, pretty icy and snowy since we got about 6 inches of snow the Tuesday before and it hasn’t been warm enough to melt any of it. I actually didn’t mind the snow part, because it was kind of pretty, but I legitimately did not regain feeling in my ass for like an hour. 

cold run


I need more full length running tights, so if you have a favorite kind let me know. The local running store I popped into last night was completely out, but all other winter gear was 30% off so I picked up some more tops. I ran in a pair of Mizuno compression tights on Sunday, and holy moly were they tight. I broke a sweat just putting them on. They still fell down though, which is irritating since they were the tightest pants I have ever worn, ever. Anyway, 10 week till race day. Let’s do this!

7 Responses

  1. I’ve always been a fan of the Under Armour cold gear tights.

  2. Dude, I had no idea the thing with your leg was so serious! (I don’t have teh instagramz.) Nice job running in the cold, I’m having nothing to do with it. My winter running tights are Pearl Izumi that I found on Clearance one year and they’re just okay. If you find some you love, do share.

    • Haha yeah it was intense. I just ordered some UA Cold Weather Gear ones. I’ll be sure to share how I feel about them after they come.

  3. I don’t remember what 34 degrees feels like. POOL WEATHERRRRR!

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