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Pallet Planter Project

So a few weeks ago, after a particularly boozy at home happy hour (hey I’m on a budget here) I was in the kitchen cleaning up when my roommate came sprinting in from outside.

“KELLY! Our neighbors just put THREE pallets out in their garbage. Do you know how many things are on Pinterest that you can do with a pallet?!”

I was in fact, well aware of all thing pallet related on Pinterest, so off we went at 10:30 pm on a Wednesday to steal trash from our neighbors. It should also be noted that we’ve never once before spoken to our neighbors, except for that time after I first moved in when they came pounding on our front door to threaten to have my car towed because I was parked in front of their “driveway”. I use the term driveway loosely because there has never once been a car parked on it and it’s blocked by a fence. Anyway, so we drug the pallets across the street to our front porch, where they had remained in plain sight ever since.

That all changed on Saturday, when sparked by a desire to avoid my workout and hang around outside, I broke out my craft paint and got to work. There were lots of suggested ways to make pallet planters, but most involved sawing, and nailing, and I am quite lazy and afraid of sharp power tools so I made up my own way.

easy peasy!

easy peasy!

It was not my intention for the planter to look like Barney, but the only paint colors I had were purple and candy apple green. In the right light I think I can pass it off as purple and gold for JMU. So yup, I painted it and filled it with potting soil and figured we’d get to the planting of things eventually. Eventually happened to be yesterday when the roommate and I went to Home Depot to purchase all of the things.

and then we went to Home Depot to buy stuff to put in said planter

and then we went to Home Depot to buy stuff to put in said planter

There’s some Morning Glory seeds in there, Sunflowers, Parsley, Cucumber, Zucchini, Tomato, Bell Pepper, ya know a bunch of random crap.  We’ll see if it lives, I won’t be shocked if everything dies in like a week. We’ve kept a basil plant alive and kicking on our deck for a while though so we’ll see.

So uh, one pallet down, two to go. Good thing I bought more paint colors yesterday!


One Response

  1. Looks great! I’d love to have a planter set up in the backyard of my place, but I can’t trust my neighbors’ kid on the 2nd floor to not destroy it.

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