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St. Paddy’s Day

If you know me at all, you know that when it comes to drinking I have a ranking system in place that dictates my most favorite drinking occasions. Drinking that takes place in the morning, outside, and lasts all day is probably my number 1 or 2 on the list.  Maybe only over taken by day drinking, outside, at a tailgate. My Saturday started at around 10:30 am with some Baileys spiked coffee, and lots of eggs and bacon, and corned beef and cabbage.

And then some more baileys, Jameson, and Guinness… all at once

All week the weather had been threatening us with a high of 47 and rain, so when the sun came out around 11:30 we took full advantage of it and moved outside to the backyard.

I’m posing like an idiot, but please note the sunshine and beer pong

pretty ladies

Eventually the weather did turn and it got a little chilly and rained a little bit, but luckily by that point the alcohol had been flowing for a while and no one seemed to mind.  We just lit a fire in the chiminea and moved the beer pong table into our drinking room (shed).

The boys were really into building the biggest fire, ever.

Eventually we ran out of beer, and some of the group who hadn’t already Irish goodbyed (fitting) decided to venture out for the evening. I was hammered, and on the verge of probably making decisions I’d live to regret come Sunday so I decided to stay home and go to bed. However, first I decided to do all the dishes, vacuum my new rug, and scrub at any stains with carpet cleaner. Perfectly normal hammered behavior. My un-hungover, Sunday self was really thanking Saturday night me in the morning. Cleaning up is so much less painful when you’re drunk.

Because of my 8:30 pm bedtime on Saturday, I was up with tons of energy on Sunday. I made myself a nice breakfast, baked cookies, went grocery shopping, and prepped all of my meals for the week. That’s why I love day drinking… assuming you pass out as early as I did, you wake up feeling pretty decent the next day. Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


4 Responses

  1. I love that you cleaned! I was totally planning to pass out early too, but that did not happen. I still managed to avoid a major hang over, but I wasn’t as perky as you were, haha. I love day drinking too, though. A lot. And I’m pissed I missed the party!

  2. Hahahaa… we were definitely out by 8:15 on Saturday night. It didn’t even seem weird, but then we woke up at 5 and that’s how I ended up eating Sunday breakfast at 5:30. It was beyond weird.

  3. hahaha cleaning when I’ve been drinking is something I like to do too. I don’t know why. But you’re right, it’s way less painful that way.

  4. I wish I got drunk and cleaned. Instead I usually get drunk and eat everything in my fridge.

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