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A Random Tuesday Update

Over the weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the upcoming April wedding of one of my friends. Well, technically the bride and groom are both friends of mine but on Saturday we just celebrated the bride. The day started with a lovely bridal shower at the Fairfax Country Club and wrapped up with her bachelorette party in DC.

We rented a limo to take us to Carmine’s for one of the most delicious, and gigantic, Italian feasts ever and then out on the town for some drinks before heading home for a good old-fashioned sleepover.

Limo ridin’

the bachelorette and I

It was so much fun that even Pumpkin was exhausted on Sunday, and she wasn’t even invited. I guess she could just feel how tired I was and was experiencing sympathy sleepiness.

so dramatic, that one

so dramatic, that one

It was a fun day, but as with all things fun it takes me longer to recover and get back into the swing of things the older I get. So I’m still struggling to get my life back together on this Tuesday morning. I’m also pretty much out of food and have $40 to my name until Thursday at midnight, so meals are about to get realllll interesting. Dear bonus season, are you there? It’s me, Kelly. This unfortunate financial circumstance is all my damn eyeballs fault, and why I drag a year supply of contacts out for two years. $417 for contacts and new lenses for my glasses?!?!?! Excuse you, but who do you think you are. Woof.

Since I’m no longer relying on nutrients from wine and other alcoholic beverages alone, and consuming actual food again I’ve had to actually start working out again. Whereas before I was just kind of pretending to do things in the gym, now I’m actually doing things, including getting my running mileage up. I spend a lot of time with a bright purple facing, longing for the days when a 6 mile run seemed easy.

photo (84)

I also do weights at least once a week, and a terrible Ab burner I saw on The Fitnessista along with a push-up pyramid (10,9,8,7… etc down to 1) every week. Holler for being able to do all 55 push-ups on my toes. This may have more to do with the desire to not have my arms look flabby and gross when I’m b-maiding it up later this year than the actual desire to be strong.

So yeah, that’s what’s happening in my life these days. OH! Can any of y’all recommend a camera that would be good for Ireland. So good for scenery, and gratuitous posts of my sister and I drinking? Low lighting, bright lighting, not super fancy (aka a point and shoot) and not terribly expensive (see reference to having no money). Gracias friends! As Quentin Tarantino said on Sunday night, peace out.

6 Responses

  1. 55 pushups on your toes is no joke. I can literally do 2.

  2. I am STILL paying off my eyeball bullshit. People who can see really can suck it.
    Also, I suck so hard at real pushups, so I’m major impressed that you can do 55!

  3. My new place of work doesn’t believe in bonuses, apparently. This angers to no end…

    I hate you and your pushup strength.

    Just kidding. I love you. But I still suck at real pushups.

  4. I need to try that pushup pyramid. I can make it through 10, maybe 15 on a good day, pushups before I want to die.

  5. I trust you’ve spoken to Jill and gotten good recommendations on where to drink in Ireland.

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