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Checking In

Oh hey… long time no talk…

There’s a reason for that though; since returning from Boston I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. My happy hour excursions have cooled off, I’m no longer trying out the dating scene, I’m broke as fuck (this is only half my fault), and I really hardly ever have a desire to leave my house during the week.  A typical day goes like this: wake up, drag myself to work, study/work all day, gym (sometimes), go home drink all of the wine, sleep, repeat. I’m playing football again this year, so throw in a 3 pm football game on Saturday’s followed by day drinking and you pretty much are updated on my life.

Also, due to some recent events, I’ve realized that maybe I’m not dealing with my issues as well as I should be, or could be so I’m starting the process of finding a professional to talk to. There are only so many things my roommates and friends can help me through, and I fear I’m beyond their realm of experience right now.(Family, ahem mom and sis don’t call me to talk about this it’s all fine I promise).

Anyway, our football game this past Saturday was cancelled because of Friday night’s rain, but we didn’t let that get in the way of our day drinking. Instead most of my team gathered starting around noon for a Saturday Funday.

bar number 3 of the day for me

I was home and in sweatpants by 10 pm, and that’s really a perfect day/evening for me. However, I was then up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, bored with nothing to do. I ran some errands, managed to get in and out of Target with (mostly) only the things I went in for, and then Dani and I carved pumpkins together! Ironic, because on this weekend last year I did the exact same thing, except with a much less cooler person. (Oh yeah, yesterday would have marked 11 years since we first started dating, 10/21/01 is a ridiculously hard date to forget).

I look 12.. and tired

finished products!

So that’s what’s going on with me. If I disappear again it’s not because I’ve been committed (most likely) it’s just because I’m boring and have nothing to say. Happy Monday!

7 Responses

  1. I think that’s cool – I saw a therapist a few times when I had things going on that talking about with people who know me wouldn’t help…sometimes you need someone with a removed perspective to help you rediscover yours.

  2. Daydrinking for football saturday! My favorite!

    Also, I love pumpkin carving. When other people do it. I’m bound to lose a digit…

  3. Fwiw, seeking therapy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having a non-involved, non-judgmental professional to talk to and offer input by way of making you think about WHY you’re feeling the way you feel and reacting the way you do is really fantastic.

  4. I think talking to a professional is a good idea- worth a shot if you’re feeling so inclined anyway, right? Couldn’t hurt. I’m jealous of your pumpkins- I really need to carve one this year.

  5. Totally approve of your choice in pumpkin carving beverage. 😉

    Right when things started going really downhill for me emotionally this spring (and before the inevitable breakup) I started seeing a counselor once a week for the same reasons, I got to a point where talking to loved ones wasn’t offering any solutions or better feelings (sometimes you need extra help). I’m so glad I did because it’s offered a completely different perspective on a lot of things, and now that I’m feeling better on a more regular basis, I’m ready to be “off on my own” for a while before checking back in, which my counselor told me is what is supposed to happen. Good luck and I think anything one can do to try to get into a more positive state is well worth it.

  6. I think seeing a professional is an excellent idea. They’re not invested the same way friends and family are and they won’t immediately take your side, and I’ve always found that really helpful. When I was in therapy, I wasn’t even there willingly and it still helped me more than I ever could’ve imagined. I think you’ll be glad you made that choice.

  7. just adding another voice to the “therapy is a great thing” comments. objective and professionally-trained is a really good combination. when my [stbx]h and i started having problems about 2.5 years ago i started seeing a therapist – both individually and as a couple. she was so, so valuable in helping me figure out who i was, sort through my individual issues, identify the roles he and i each played in our problems, and eventually in making the decision to leave my marriage and move forward – which was an incredibly awful and difficult decision, but it’s clearly been the right one.

    if you ever feel like talking or venting you can always email me. breakups definitely suck ass.

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