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Friday Music Faves

*I’ve been awake since 3 am, so to me this seems like a fun and interesting post, if I’m wrong I apologize.*

If a random stranger were to scroll through the list of “Top 25 Most Played” songs on my iPod, they might recommend I be placed under psychiatric observation.  It is not a list full of happy and uplifting songs, but then I’m not exactly in a happy and uplifting mood most days.

In the first few weeks after my break-up I avoided the radio, particularly the country music station, and found a few songs on my iPod to circulate on repeat.  It’s no secret that artists write songs based on their own experiences and heartbreak, and I seriously felt like everyone was written for me. Side note, my ex gets annoyed when I blog about our breakup, I guess he’s lucky I’m not Taylor Swift amiright?  Anyway so these are the songs that helped me through the first few weeks/month so that I didn’t drive off a cliff.

Sarah Evans – A Little Bit Stronger
Easy – Rascall Flats and Natasha Bedingfield (I actually had to pull over and cry to this one a drive home from PA)
You and Tequila– Kenny Chesney
Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce
I Feel Pretty/Unpretty – Glee (shut up)
Love the Way You Lie– Eminem
Wide Awake – Katie Perry
Come Over – Kenny Chesney (ok hello sexy video)
Wasted – Carrie Underwood
What Do You Want – Jarrod Nieman

All of those songs have recently been replaced by the entire Maroon 5 album, Overexposed.  I’m pretty sure Adam Levine and I are soul mates, because he really gets me, and every song expresses exactly how I feel at some point of the day.  That or he wrote the entire album post break-up from his VS supermodel gf.  Seriously though Adam, call me? Maybe?  No lie I listen to the album in full at least 4 times a day, every song is that good.  These are just my absolute favorites though.

One More Night (I also watch that video 120387 times a day)
Payphone (Another video I watch in excess)
Beautiful Goodbye
Wipe Your Eyes
Wasted Years

Oh and just because it’s not a break up music pity party without some T Swizzle, you know this is on my playlist, haha.  Like ever.


6 Responses

  1. I listened to sara evans stronger about a million times last year. Love that one. I also thought adele wrote her album to me because everything fit at the time I first heard it. haha

  2. I recently went through a breakup of my own and country music was BRUTAL to listen to the first couple weeks. I definitely stuck with happy & upbeat music. Always LOVE Maroon 5 though! 🙂

  3. Haha, so true. Dating Taylor Swift has got to be terrifying.

  4. Come Over is pretty much written about my life. I love that song so, so, so much.

  5. “Sugar Ray” album by Sugar Ray was the album on repeat for me. Especially the song “Sorry Now”

  6. I’ve totally had T-Swiz on repeat for days now. Like… this is exhausting… but I can’t stop…

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