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Retail Therapy

So this past weekend was pretty much setting itself up to be a disaster.  Both of my roommates were going to be gone and as of 4:30 on Friday afternoon, no one had answered my pleas to hang out.  Surprisingly I made it through without any tears, inappropriate text messages (to Darren, I definitely sent inappropriate text messages to other people, ahem Amy and Jess) or meltdowns.  All I needed was three bottles of wine and A LOT of retail therapy.

Last week was rough.  I had a lot of things said to me that made me hate myself, question almost everything I do/have ever done, and left me feeling lower and more insecure than ever before in my life.  I spent Tuesday night crying, and then I got my shit together, and I haven’t cried since.  Ultimately I know that someday I’ll meet someone who would never think such things about me, let alone say them, and they’ll support my hobbies and quirks, instead of making me feel bad about them.  Facing a weekend alone without plans or people to distract me was daunting though, and I’m happy with how I managed.

So now the fun stuff right?  What did I buy?  Almost everything I saw that I wanted, because I can afford it, and there’s no one to make me feel bad about it any longer.  Saturday started off on a high note, when I finally fit into a pair of shorts that I bought from another blogger well over a year ago, but could never fit into.


I headed out to the mecca of shopping, Tysons, and spend the next four hours there.  I did some damage in J. Crew (obviously), Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and then it continued with an online purchase when I got home.  Also, tax-free weekend in VA was AWESOME.  I found a hot little dress for my friend Ashley’s bachelorette party later this month, some cute going out tops, and some fall work stuff, along with a new wallet.  Oh, and the boots :).

does my butt make this dress look fat?

My Tory Burch obsession is becoming a problem


Um, I actually ordered two pairs of those, because I couldn’t make a color decision just from looking online.  Did you know when you spend an absurd amount of money on boots that your credit card company will email you suspecting fraudulent charges?  Well, they will, haha. Anyway once the second pair arrives I’ll make a decision and send the other pair back… in theory.

So yeah, retail therapy at it’s finest, and I feel better. And if I’m also a loser because I just wrote this post, then I guess I’m a loser.  I stayed up way too late on Saturday night drinking wine and watching the Olympics so Sunday I spent lounging around watching the Sex and the City marathon the Style network was kind enough to play for me.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

12 Responses

  1. I’m not ashamed to admit that alcohol and retail therapy is pretty much the best, well, therapy there is. And go YOU for not crying since Tuesday!

  2. I enjoyed the texts. Inappropriate things were said by both parties. It’s just what sister wives do. We’re allowed.

  3. Uhhh you should have come down to Richmond 😉 Lots of wine was consumed down here, haha

  4. pretty jealous of all those purchases, especially the boots – those are beautiful. keep your chin up love!

  5. Shopping and drinking are pretty much the best ways to get over something I’ve found. So if you have the money..why not. Have fun.

  6. I’ve been doing way too much shopping myself, and I was just putting together a post about it. Guess we’re both losers?

    Also my sister continually points out how FLAT my ass is, so I’m jealous.

  7. That dress is AWESOME! It looks reeeeaaaallllyyyy good. 🙂

    As for your attitude…girl…I am so proud of you. I know it still hurts like hell but you are RIGHT! You will find someone who makes you feel great about yourself and someone who will always support you even when they don’t understand you. HA! Hang in there…your time is coming. I know it.

  8. Retail therapy is the BEST! 🙂 Love the dress – that bright blue color is one of my favorites. Enjoy the new purchases!!

  9. I can’t wait to shop again. It is a void in my life. I love everything you bought.

  10. Looove the boots! And you definitely deserved a little retail therapy. 🙂

  11. girl your ass looks amazing in that dress. How YOU doin. Oh god, I just had a flashback to our dirty texts…! haha

  12. Love the bright skirt and (slurp) (need a shamwow) over the boots!

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