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Operation Deck

One of the things I was most excited for after purchasing our house, was being able to work on it and renovate it.  I watch a lot of HGTV, and I mean a lot, and so even though Darren said he didn’t want to spend time working on the house when I was there visiting, I was secretly hoping we would.  Luckily for me, Dar was absolutely disgusted by the condition of our deck and was refusing to have people over until it looked better, nearly thwarting our plans for a Saturday BBQ.  Instead of cancelling, we got to work on Friday afternoon.

Before: Old, faded, gray, ugly


After cleaning up some of the surrounding landscaping, and removing the bird-feeder you can kind of see up there in the corner, the first step of Operation Deck was to power wash the crap out of it.  I was having a hard time believing Darren when he said that wood was actually brown, but with one spray of the power washer I was convinced.

Power washing

Because of his line of work, Darren actually owns his power-washer, but I’m told they can be rented from your local paint stores.  However, I will say it’s not as easy as it looks and I sucked at it; leaving lines all in the wood.  So he took over while I cleaned up the yard some more.

Huge difference already

All clean and ready for the next step

Starting to look good. Note the cleaned up bed and missing bird-feeder

After finishing up with the power-washing, Darren then sprayed the deck with something called Revive, which is pretty much just Oxalic Acid, and helps to really clean the wood and bring out its natural color.

Scrubbing the Revive into the deck

After that, give it a quick rinse and let it dry.


Once the deck boards have fully dried out, you can then seal the deck or stain it.  We’re still trying to decide whether we just want to seal it with a clear coat, or stain it and then seal it, so we skipped that step for now.  Conveniently, our patio furniture delivery arrived just as we were wrapping up with the deck, so we got right to assembling it.

Whole deck, all clean and revived

Before and after one last time so you don’t have to scroll back up.


Pretty big difference for a few hours of work.  It looks like a brand new deck.  Here’s another view of the deck with our patio furniture set up.  That 80s awning came with the house, and despite the fact that it’s kind of ugly, it’s a lifesaver when the sun is out and beating down on you.  We’re going to hang on to it for a while, until we can afford an updated more attractive version.

The final finishing touches to the deck before our Saturday BBQ, were to buy a grill and add some bug control in the form of tiki torches.

And here’s my love in all his glory on Saturday night.

So, there ya have it, how we made our deck look brand new in about 4 hours.  Like I said, next steps are to pick a color and paint the house.  We’re getting rid of the brown siding and trim and going with gray.  Dar is hoping to have that done by the time I go out to visit again in August.  Can’t wait to see what a difference it makes!

Any questions? Throw em at me and I’ll try to answer.


8 Responses

  1. God it’s great being with a handy man, isn’t it? We powerwashed our deck last year too but never sealed it or stained it bc our trees drop 100lbs of leaves/buds/sticks and we didn’t want it to get screwed up. So it still looks like crap, not like your pretty sparkly deck.

  2. Wow! The deck came out great! I love your patio furniture too! 🙂

  3. Huge difference! The deck looks awesome.
    See – this is why I need a man with a man job. I love the idea of doing stuff like this. It sounds fun to me, is that weird?

  4. Oh my gosh, it looks AWESOME! I’m so impressed!

    And this is why you date a manly man. I need to stop dating the “artistic” type 😉 hahaha

  5. I know nothing about home stuff, but that deck looks awesome and I would love to drink and eat on it 🙂

  6. Did you help or just supervise? :p

    Either way, it turned out great!

  7. I love how happy Dar looks in the picture with the grill. love you both! can’t wait to see it all in person

  8. No questions, just praise. Awesome job! Your honey looks so happy grilling! Can’t wait to see it after you stain/clear coat it!!

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