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Not Micky Mouse

*The scene*

Kelly is slumbering peacefully and enjoying every last-minute of sleep she can.  The alarm is set for an hour from now.  She hears her cat jingling around on the floor and meowing.  Kelly, figuring it’s just another gigantic spider or something, rolls over mutter “silly cat” to herself.  The jingling continues.  Kelly sits up, grabs the cat, and places her on the bed.  The cat immediately resumes her place on the floor staring intently at something along side of Kelly’s suitcase.  Kelly finally puts on her glasses and flips on the light to see something that is definitely bigger than a spider, CRAWL under her suitcase.

The cat, upon seeing that it has finally succeeded in waking up mom, freaks out and tries to get under the suitcase.  Kelly moves the suitcase carefully, and sees A MF MOUSE trying to get away.  Luckily, the cat has succeeded in injuring the mouse whilst “playing” with it, and it is not moving very quickly.  Kelly tries to avoid having a full on panic attack, and circles her room looking for something to trap the injured mouse with before it gets away.  Apparently the best solution was a full trashcan, which she then flips upside down on the mouse before retreating to her bed to stare at the trash can and think.

Kelly heads downstairs, grabs a dustpan and giant kitchen trash bag, and goes back to her room to deal with the situation.  She lifts the trash can slowly, sees the mouse under all the trash, and tries to sweep it onto the dust pan.  Only she is still in the midst of a panic attack, and the mouse manages to scamper away INTO HER CLOSET.  Kelly screams “NOOOOO” and quickly opens the door and manages to coral the mouse into her soccer cleat, which then gets thrown into the trash bag.  Everything is carried outside and dumped on the ground, and soccer cleat is banged on the ground repeatedly until the mouse falls out. The mouse moves around a little, and Kelly runs back inside.  Never to sleep again, Kelly begins her day.

*End Scene*

Update: The mouse did not make it very far once outside, I think it died.

Talk about a way to start your day.  I still have the heebie jeebies, and cannot stop picturing that damn creature.  Thank god I’m heading to Wisconsin tonight and don’t have to try to sleep in there for a few days.  Although, I was so distracted this morning while I finished packing that I’m sure I forgot something important.  All I can say, is thank god for Pumpkin who alerted me to the terrible thing happening.


Still traumatized.

9 Responses

  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..you’re stronger than me. I’d have freaked the eff out huddled in a corner…outside….away from the mouse infested house.

  2. Seriously I would have croaked!!

  3. Perhaps it is time to get a dog?

  4. Yah, unfortunately, this is something I’m very used to. Never at home thank the lord, but having a horse for 7 years and working in a feed store meant I was constantly attacked by mice. I don’t know whether it’s more traumatizing when they’re alive or dead. It pretty much always sucks. But at least now you have a kick ass story to tell. 🙂

  5. My first thought would have been relief that it wasn’t a gigantic spider, but then I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do. Probably something very similar. Pumpkin is a life saver.

  6. I know this will sound crazy but I think mice are cute!! I know. I’m looney tunes. I am however 100% terrified of spiders and wouldn’t even be able to get out of my bed, so hats off to you my brave friend!! Time to buy some mouse traps…

  7. Like I said- you gotta kill it. Teach the others a lesson…

  8. EWWW!! That’s so horrible!!!!

    I was in the dominican republic in college, and we had to sleep in cabins (we were on a mission trip thing, nothing fancy, haha) and one guy had a rat IN HIS BED. How gross is that??!

  9. […] remember that time I found my cat playing with a mouse in my room?  Yeah, me too.  Well, I had just finally started to recover and sleep soundly in my bedroom […]

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