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I feel the need to rub it in that today is my last day in the office until Tuesday :).  I’m working from home tomorrow, and then off on Friday and Monday for Megh’s wedding/MDW.  I’m quite excited, as you can probably imagine.  Other really exciting things?  You can watch HBO movies and shows online if you log in with your cable provider.  Yup.  Now showing?  Green Lantern.  Hello Ryan Reynolds, I ❤ you.


My Aunt is in town from New Jersey on a business trip this week, so last night I trekked into DC to meet her for dinner.  Her hotel is in Dupont, so to keep it simple we met at James Hoban’s Irish Pub right off the Circle.  I’d never been before, but was always curious, and I really enjoyed it.  We ordered the crab dip appetizer, which was delicioussss and then I had the Shepherd’s Pie as my main course.  It was a lovely dinner, but DC adventures on a weeknight always wear me out, so today I’m slightly more sleepy than usual.

So, funny story.  I’m pretty sure Darren got “B” listed for a friend of his wedding in August.  Ya know, he got put on the list of people who get invited if enough “A” listed ones RSVP “no”.  He was telling me he got an email talking about the bachelor party in July (the same weekend as my birthday trip to the beach that he told me months ago he would be waaaaaaaaay to busy to travel for, but that’s a story for another day) and I found it weird he hadn’t gotten at least a save the date for the wedding.  He of course, being a man, didn’t find it weird at all that he hadn’t gotten any notice about a wedding that’s happening in August.  After lots of my nagging yesterday he finally called one of the other guys on the bach party email list, and asked what the deal with the wedding is.  Apparently they sent save the dates out, but not to everyone, and invitations haven’t gone out yet.  Weird right?  I just thought it was funny that none of this had crossed his mind.

Now, the real question of the day.  I forgot my lunch at home, so should I eat lame cafeteria food or go across the street and get something delicious?

8 Responses

  1. Hahaha it’s funny the way guys don’t think about certain things. It’s probably good. If we all thought like females, the world would be driven crazy 😉

    Mmmm Ryan Reynolds… you’re gorgeous.

  2. ahh today’s my last day of work till Tuesday also because of a wedding this weekend! & i’m going to be checking to see if my cable provider has the option to watch shows & hbo online with my account info!

  3. Ah the “B” list. I was in a few weddings where I had to keep quiet about our mutual friends being on such list. It was awkward because whenever the wedding was brought up in random conversation, I’d keep quiet as a mouse and pretend i knew NOTHING about planning and who was invited. Ugh.

  4. I love getting B listed these days. I’ve been to/in enough weddings to fulfill a lifetime at this point. That is pretty funny though. Oh, men.

  5. Tom keeps telling me to do that with HBO online, but then I forget. After tomorrow I’m out of the office until next Wed. Pretty pumped!
    I didn’t even know getting B listed was a thing. It’s probably happened to me many times, haha.

  6. haha I didn’t even know people did that. HOWEVER, the people who introduced the ex boyfriend and I didn’t invite him to their wedding until we broke up, and they confirmed that no, we would not be getting back together. Apparently they didnt like me. 🙂

  7. We were on the “A” list once, only because they knew we were good friends with the parents and also wouldn’t be able to travel to the wedding in Puerto Rico, and as soon as we declined, they would invite their friends. Guess what? We accepted and really screwed things up. Oh well Who knew?????

  8. I’m sure I’ve been B listed before. The thought of that doesn’t make me very happy- I mean, I should be a VIP at everything. Right? Right??

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