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Unnecessarily Ruined

A conversation with my sister yesterday got me thinking about just how many things can be ruined by a breakup, besides the relationship of course.  Whether we realize it or not, certain things will always bring back memories of an ex, and for a while it’s only natural to avoid those things.  For me it’s a fairly simply, although quite funny, list.

  1. The term “woman”- I had an ex who used to refer to me as woman all the time, don’t even mutter that word around me anymore, unless you enjoy death stares.
  2. Applebees- I have not set foot in one since June 2009 when I was broken up with prior to a dinner there.  Although, I’m not too sad about that one as Applebees kinda sucks.
  3. Tom Petty- I know right?  Well an ex and I went to a Tom Petty concert together once, and it was awesome and amazing and the best concert ever, and for the longest time after we broke up I couldn’t stand to listen to my greatest hits album.  The first strums of Free Fallin was enough to send me into an emotional breakdown and running to the vodka in the freezer.
  4. LOST and Dexter- These were really hard for me to get over as both were in the middle of a season when we broke up, but they were two shows we watched together EVERY WEEK.  Wednesday and Sunday date nights in front of the TV with our respective alcoholic drinks of choice.  In the very beginning, every time something crazy happened I would pick up the phone to text him about it, and have to physically force myself to stop.  That sucked.

Eventually I got over all these things, I can sing along to all my favorite songs again, and I powered through all the following seasons of LOST and Dexter, but at first they made me a train wreck.  Breaking up sucks, but I think having some of your favorite things ruined by said breakup sucks even more.

What have breakups ruined for you? Anything funny/weird?

I’m still reeling from last night’s season finale of Grey’s.  I’m furious and annoyed all at the same time, how dare they end the season like that.  The worst.

8 Responses

  1. I find that songs are always the worst … I had an ex who would jokingly change the words of songs & for a long time after anytime a song would come on, i would hear his version .. talk about annoying. pretty sure i went a good solid 3 months without listening to the radio to avoid hearing them.

    & a funny thing that was ruined were my house-shoes. being the youngster at heart, I had bunny slippers, that he had actually jokingly named – hoppy & bunbun, needless to say, it was hard to throw them away & buy a new pair … hahaha embarassing.

  2. I kind of WISH I had a reason to never go back to applebees… bleh. haha

    Music is the HARDEST!!! Because sometimes a song will come on and you can’t NOT think of that person! (Note: That’s a good reason not to date a musician. I had a very short “kind of dating” situation with a guy last year, and I just heard one of his bands songs on the radio this morning! Thank goodness it wasn’t a big “relationship” thing that we ended, and I can just laugh about it!)

  3. Incubus is forever ruined for me bc my ex and I went to their concert and he used to sing it all the time. Also there are still certain areas/places that I will forever avoid like the plague, even like 10 years later and happily married.

  4. Well . . . since my first heartbreak was over someone I’d known since I was 7 years old, pretty much everything reminds me of him. Most of all it’s songs though. Hero by Enrique Iglesias in particular.
    However, I can’t help but smile every time I see an empty rope spool. When we were in high school, he found one and put it in my parents garden so he could sit there outside my window at night when my mom wouldn’t let me out. That may be one of my favorite memories ever.

  5. Breaking up really does suck. Usually it’s music for me. It took forever before I could listen to Grateful Dead again.

  6. That OAR song “Love and Memories” was ruined by a break up for me. Kind of ironic, huh? 🙂

  7. I don’t think I can watch Family Guy or Aqua Teen Hunger Force without thinking of my ex from college. Clearly he smoked pot.

    I also can’t hear the Cheers Theme Song without thinking of Brett. He used to make fun of my small town background and sing it to me. It was hilarious. And now it just hurts my heart.

  8. I still can’t listen to Lonestar (Amazed) and it’s been over 9 years since my ex and I broke up. Love will do craptastic things like that. Also, every time I see a Pepsi Delivery Truck, I still think of him b/c he worked for them. And of course there is a Pepsi plant right around the corner from my current house. Oh, the irony.

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