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Weeknight Fun

Today, I am moving slightly slower than normal for a Friday.  As I mentioned yesterday, it was Adrienne’s birthday, and to celebrate we had a small gathering of friends, also known as an orgy (10 Things reference, anyone?) over for a BBQ.  I drank a little too much wine, and stayed up a little too late, but whatevs it was fun.  It was also somewhat chilly, so we took advantage of that and lit our chiminea for the first time in a long time.

spotted! my new red striped Toms

Dani and I sitting around the fire

There were burgers, dogs, macaroni and potato salad, cupcakes, chips and salsa, all of the things that make BBQs delicious.  I think the birthday girl enjoyed her little party, and hopefully she isn’t too tired today.

I’m planning to hit the road up to PA around 3:30 this afternoon (even though I’ve technically worked enough hours this week to have the whole day off) and hopefully will make it there without hitting too much traffic.  I have dinner plans tonight with my mom, and then tomorrow I’m spending the day in Philly getting my hair did and probably spending more money that I really shouldn’t.  My sis arrives home from California on a 7:35 flight, so after I pick her up we’ll hopefully have a lovely sister date.

I hope you all have some fab plans for the weekend as well.  Happy Friday!

4 Responses

  1. Have fun in Philly, and buy something fabulous in honor of me since apparently I fail at shopping these days! xo

  2. I cannot wait until you can easily take weekend trips to CHICAGO to shop with me over the weekend like it ain’t no thang.

    And I really need to whore myself out to find more people with access to BBQ grills.

  3. Looks like fun! Have a safe drive girl!

  4. I love you for fitting in a 10 Things reference. That is my favorite movie of all time.
    I love nights like that – I need to get myself a bbq so I can have more of them.

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