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It’s here, it’s here!

Now, don’t tell Darren, but I’m kind of more excited for today than I was for his recent visit.  As I write this, Steph is already on the road from Boston, Jess is planning her departure, Kacy is waiting anxiously with me, and I pick Amy up from the airport in 7 hours!  I told her I was coming with a big sign with her name on it, she’s excited.

It’s Sister Wives Weekend in DC, and I am so excited!  We’ve also decided that this is going to become a yearly tradition, and next year’s venue will be mine and Dar’s new house! Yes, that’s right, the seller’s agreed to our closing credit and unless our financing falls apart or the house burns down we’re set to close on or before June 11!  This has been the longest  two months of my life.  I can’t wait to be done.

Yesterday was my work from home day, and it was amazing.  I don’t know if I could do it every day, but one day a week is going to be awesome.  I got all my work done, laundry, painted my nails, and managed to grab an hour or so in the sun.  Working doesn’t seem nearly as terrible when it’s from the comfort of your own home with HGTV on in the background.

Around 5:30 I laced up my sneakers and decided to take myself on a run.  I think I actually managed to leave Arlington and end up in hell, because it was like running through fire.  It was in the 80s yesterday, and not terribly humid, but man was that sun strong.  I did 3 miles, and I struggled to keep a 9:30 pace during it.  It was ugly, and I didn’t stop sweating until like 9 at night.  That was post cold shower also.  I guess it’s officially summer in the District?

Alright well I’m off to countdown the hours until I can leave the office for a weekend of fun, food, boozing, and gossiping. I also need to play some kickball on Saturday at some point as well.  Bring it weekend, I’m ready for ya!  Oh tomorrow also marks my 5 year college graduation anniversary.  Fitting that I graduated on Cinco de Mayo I think.

6 Responses

  1. Congrats on the house!

  2. I am SO excited. That is all. Get ready….!!!!!!

  3. You DID run! Good job! lol

    Packing up the rest of my shiz right now. Weeeeee!

  4. I’m so excited for you right now. Partly because you’re going to have an amazing weekend, and partly because of the house. It’s good stuff all around. 🙂

  5. I think I’ve peed 50 times today. So excited I can’t hold my bladder. Can’t wait to get the festivities under way!!!!!
    So proud of you for actually running last night too. It sounds brutal.

  6. Have a FANTASTIC time with your friends!!! I expect lots of pictures when you return 😉

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