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Probably Gonna Turn into the Hulk

So, the inspection?  Kinda no big deal this time around!  The only major things that need fixing are a Radon system needs to be installed, and the fans from each of the bathrooms need to be vented through the roof in the attic.  They currently just stop there.  Other than that it’s just minor repairs that come with a 34 year-old house.  Score one for us!  Finally.  Soooo, we close on June 11, but we’re hoping to get the bank on board with a little bit earlier of a closing since the house is vacant.  We’ll see!

In accordance with my workout plan, yesterday I did my 30-40 minutes of cardio in the form of a lunch time spin class.  44 minutes and 17.2 miles later, I had melted into the ground and could barely pull myself off the bike.  At one point my bike was on resistance 20, that’s as high as they go.  I’m not even sure I was actually pedaling.  It was tough, but awesome.

Like I mentioned yesterday, there are also some nutritional guidelines that go along with this training plan, and I thought I’d go into that a little bit today.  Taking into consideration my current stats, the trainer is recommending I eat 1975 cals a day, including 198g each of carbs and protein, and 44g of fat.  I am finding it nearly impossible to consume that much protein, I hit 121 g on Monday and 105 g yesterday.  I’m also struggling to hit my calorie count, which I actually found surprising.  So here’s what two days of eats look like while trying to stay low-fat, high protein.  Surprisingly I’ve managed to stay below my 44g of fat allowance.



Yesterday I felt like I was eating all day long, and even when dinner time rolled around wasn’t that hungry and sort of just made myself eat.  It’s not so bad really, because I kind of enjoy eating constantly and never being so hungry I want to murder someone.  We’ll see how this works out for me in the next few weeks.  Speaking of dinner though, I had some technical issues last night.  I really wanted to grill my chicken an peppers, but after going through every single match I could find in the house, still couldn’t get the charcoal grill lit.  This happened instead:

Sigh, I fail.  Oh well, my kebabs tasted just as delicious this way, and because I still had some calories left I ate ice cream and drank wine for dessert.  Yup.

Anywho, that’s it from me today, have a good one!

9 Responses

  1. I’m anxious to see how this program works for you. I need to figure something out and soon because my current plan of going home and sitting on the couch and eating a bag of potato chips is surely not working to my advantage.

  2. That seems like a lot of protein – I think I’d definitely struggle with that part. But I need to come up with some kind of system too. These last 10 pounds really need to go.

  3. Yeah, I really have no idea how you plan to keep up with the protein intake. Whew…

    Since I stopped training, I haven’t been tracking as much. But I find the easiest way for me to get my intake in without too much calorie spending is the egg whites. And egg and an egg white scramble every other morning hasn’t been too difficult as of yet.

  4. HIgh protein diets are so hard for me because I’m not a big meat eater, and don’t like chicken, so I just have to eat 8,000 eggs. I should probably up my protein a bit though, because I still lift weights 3-4 times a week and don’t really pay attention to what I eat before/after.

  5. Dang, that IS a lot of protein. I mean, I like protein as much as the next guy, but still.

  6. I need to start doing this pronto. PS I love the iced oatmeal cliff kid bars, too – just discovered them.

  7. Yay! Glad the inspection went better this time 🙂

    I know I’ve mentioned it on my blog before, but seriously: plain greek yogurt + 1 scoop of whey protein powder is DELICIOUS and it’s almost 50g of protein!!! It’s so tasty!

  8. Congrats on the house progress! Can’t wait to come visit! 🙂 Only in the summer though….there is a reason we are going to be living in LA. You can visit us during the cold WI winters!

  9. I don’t know if you are pro or anti protein powder, but it is definitely a great way to get in protein if you have to eat that much! You can get in a solid 25-30 grams in only 200 or so calories. Great to mix with smoothies too.

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