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I’m Really Good at Spending Money

It’s inspection day!! Again.  Although not until 3:30 this afternoon, which is really 4:30, which means you all need to keep me distracted all day so that I don’t go bananas.  I’m waiting to hear how the inspection goes before submitting an order for this photo to be turned into a canvas as a house-warming present.  Hopefully it goes well, because I really want to buy it, and three more, but that’s besides the point.  I have a twitchy trigger finger.

It’s from our trip to Jamaica, and I took it, and I’m quite proud of it, unless you guys think it looks like corny motel art.  Then I totally hate it. In my head, there will eventually be a collage of canvas photos from this trip and potential others on a wall in our house.  Yup.  Now, the only questions remaining are how big, and deep gallery wrap or thin gallery wrap.

So, it’s May, which is cool because that means summer hours start in 24 days and I get to work from home every Thursday from now onnnnn!  So, if you’re keeping track, I get to work from home on Thursday’s, and the Friday’s when I’ll actually be in the office are only half days.  Bring. It. On.

Remember that fitness assessment I took at my gym not too long ago?  Well, the results were ridiculous and told me I had 37% body fat and was technically over-weight for my height and age.  I don’t really believe the body fat measurement at all, but whatever.  Could I use to lose a few lbs?  Sure, but I am by no means over-weight, I don’t think anyway.  Well because of that assessment, one of the trainers drew up a plan for me, and finally got it to me last week.  Yesterday was day one.  It has me working out 5 days a week, with three days of lifting and two days of straight cardio.  On the days I lift, I still do a 10 minute cardio warm-up and 20 minutes of cardio at the end.

It’s designed as a circuit workout, where you do each exercise in a superset fashion, and take a 1-2 minute break between sets only.  I don’t think I went heavy enough on a few of the exercises, because even by rep 12 I wasn’t really feeling it.  Notes for next time.  My cardio was 10 min on the treadmill as a warm-up and then 25 minutes on the elliptical.

I can definitely increase to 20 lb dumbbells for the rows, and probably the 15 lb dumbbells for the Zottman Curls.  I’m mostly feeling it in my shoulders and chest today.  Today has cardio on the agenda, and I’m hoping to squeeze in a spin class at lunch.  She also has me really curbing my diet which I’ll talk more about in another post.  Until then!  Happy Doomsday, I mean Tuesday.

6 Responses

  1. I love that pic! It’s going to look fab in your awesome new place 🙂

  2. I’m super jealous of summer hours. Like crazy jealous. My boss has no concept of time and would probably look at me like I was the laziest person on earth if I tried to duck out an hour or two early on fridays… f-ing workaholic…

  3. I love that picture, it will look awesome blown up.
    20 pound dumbbells? I tried working out with the 17-ish pound dumbbells that my brother has in my parents garage, and I thought I was going to die the next day.

  4. Hi, I don’t usually comment (though I am a creeper who follows you on instagram), but I agree the body fat measuring is complete BS. I don’t know how they measured it at your gym, but at mine they take the measurement of skin/fat at your hip bone/underarms and back. My back and underarms are the fattest part of my body, so it comes up way higher than I think I am actually am. As long as you feel good, that’s all that matters 🙂

  5. Wow that’s an intense plan! I hope it works out!! I don’t know how I feel about those body fat things either… too bad those “Bodpod” test things are so expensive! I think those can actually be accurate!

    Good luck with the inspection!

  6. Sounds like a good plan. You’ll have to let us know some of the good workouts.
    And since I just heard about the inspection, congrats!

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