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Gimme, gimme

It’s take your child to work day.  They are everywhere.  Praise baby Jesus for the invention of headphones.

What day is it, Thursday?  These short weeks keep throwing me off… ummmm, when did I last blog?  Tuesday?  Alright, let’s catch up.

I mentioned in my last post that Dar and I picked out flatware and dinner plates that we like, and I thought I’d share in case anyone (ahem hi mom) wants to buy us a gift ever.  This is the dinnerware set I am quite partial to, and Dar doesn’t hate it, which is good enough for me.

As far as flatware goes, he likes this ugly plain crap, but I persuaded him to have better taste once again.  This is the Mesa Flatware, and I like how shiny it is.

We didn’t actually purchase anything, but I made extensive notes (of course I did) so hopefully once we have a house I can start ordering things and shipping them to it.  Oh right, the house thing.  So, on Tuesday we put an offer on another house, lucky number 4?  The sellers countered yesterday, and we immediately countered back, so we’re hoping they accept our latest today, since our offer and theirs were not too far apart number wise!  This is what it looks like:

And now you know about as much as I do, since I haven’t actually seen this place in person.  Talk about trust in a significant other, amiright?  Ok, here’s one more picture of the inside…

Omgeeee wood paneling!!!  Why do people do things like that?  But hey, check out those gorge hardwood floors already in place.  The layout of this place is more traditional, still a single story ranch, but it has a formal dining room and two living areas, which I like.  So pleaseeeee god let everything go smoothly.  Also, as you can probs tell, the seller’s have already peaced out, so we’re hoping they’re as motivated as us to get this done quickly.

Workouts for the week thus far:
Monday: Walking around C&B
Tuesday:  3 mile run, abs
Wednesday: 2 mile run, biceps and triceps
Thursday: spin at lunch hopefully

Yup, I’ve totally run 5 miles this week, which is the most since oh say December?  Someone’s b-maid dress felt a little tighter than she remembered it when she tried it on Monday.  Shh, don’t tell the bride, it still fits.  At least my return to running gave me an excuse to order these obnoxiously bright 2170s yesterday.  Woo!  Oh, and I got them for only $84.

Well, this was longer than I intended it to be, but my coffee is really strong this morning so I’m rambling.  I suppose that’s what happens when I stay up until 12:30 on a weeknight reading 50 Shades of Grey.  Laterzzz.

9 Responses

  1. Goodluck on the house!! And wood paneling baffles me…at what point did that ever look good??

  2. Is there a law in Wisconsin enforcing wood paneling? Is this some sort of heat efficient thing? That’s the only thing that can explain it… gross!

  3. good luck, girl! I have been staying up way too late reading that smut too. It’s so horribly bad, I just can’t put it down.

  4. Those dishes are adorable!!! I hope some magical gift-giver bestows them upon you 😉

  5. That house looks adorable. Well, minus the wood paneling, but that can be taken down. Hopefully it works out.
    I really need to read that book. I’m just a little afraid that with my single status and all, it might make me go a little crazy.

  6. Boo. Your blog isn’t letting me comment. Let’s try again.
    Good luck with the house! I think this is the one.

  7. Too bad the Bride reads your blog! 🙂 I’m sure you still look absolutely beautiful in your dress! House has great curb appeal, and wood paneling is an easy fix! Keeping my fingers crossed for the inspection.

  8. Good luck with the house! 🙂 I like those dishes and the silverware is really nice too.

  9. Good luck with the house! Our last house had wood paneling, it was built in the 70s. But it had HUGE bathrooms and closets. The house we live in now has regular walls but tiny closets.
    I’m jonesing so bad for new running shoes but I feel like I can’t justify it when I’m only doing 10 miles a week. My birthday’s coming up though. In 4 months.

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