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Brunette Moments?

So, you guys know I’m kind of ditzy right?  I say and do some really dumb shit, often.  Like that time I accidentally “liked” an ex-boyfriends relationship status change on Facebook.  That was embarrassing.  Oh, I never told you all about that?  It started innocently enough, I saw said ex-bf was now “in a relationship” and 8 people had “liked” the status. Obviously I wanted to see who had done so, but instead of clicking on “people who like this” I clicked “like”, and then there it was “Kelly McCormick and 8 others like this”.  FUCK!  After I recovered from my heart attack, I unliked the status immediately and began to wonder if ex-bf still got a notification about it.  If he did, he was kind enough to ignore it and not remark, but holy shit, did I feel like an asshole for a few days.

After I moved to Virginia in 2010, I noticed I was missing my favorite pair of Coach gold sandals when it came time to  bring out spring and summer clothes. I searched and searched, both in VA and PA, and after a year convinced myself that I had lost them.  Left them somewhere to never be recovered, probably at an ex-bf’s house where they may have been thrown away.  I sucked it up, bought some new sandals and moved on.  When I went up to PA two weeks ago, I was digging around in my closet hoping I’d maybe left some sneakers there so I could go to the gym with my sister, and what did I find?  The missing pair of gold Coach sandals, in a shoe box, in my closet.  Guess I never thought to search there.

Here they are, making an appearance with my new coral pants. Doesn't matter that it was 47 degrees out this morning.

My toes are bright orange and my nails sparkly blue.  Apparently I was feeling silly when I picked out my colors at the salon last night, or like a 6 year-old girl.  Whatever.  The eye-brows have also been tamed, and I’m nearly ready for Vegas.  Damn though, being a woman is expensive.  However, having freshly waxed eyebrows makes me feel like a brand new woman, so that’s worth the $15 or whatever I paid last night.  (So bad at paying attention to prices).

In fact, I recently inquired with some of my ladies as to what a normal price is for a large sectional sofa, as it occurred to me I really had no idea.  Apparently, the $5000 Crate and Barrel charges is not normal, go figure.  Darren will be happy to learn I’m trying to take lessons in bargain hunting and being frugal.

This post was really random, but it will probably (definitely) be my last one until Monday or Tuesday, unless I pay for wi-fi on the flight tomorrow,  but I’ll probably be too busy drinking with my roommates to do such a thing.  Wish me luck in Vegas, homegirl can’t drink like she used to!  Oh and Happy Happy 30th Birthday to my friend Michelle! Miss you!

8 Responses

  1. I need to start paying better attention to my eyebrows. They’re mostly blonde, but that’s still no reason to neglect them completely.

  2. haha I do dumb things like that all the time. I spent all of last summer searching for my water bottle belt thing so I could run longer than 5k in the heat, and it was nowhere. I just found it a couple days ago at the very front of my closet. Apparently I never looked there.

  3. Drinking on planes is one of my favorite things ever. Have fun in Vegas! 🙂

  4. Yay for finding the shoes! I just bought some new apricot ones online and was pretty amazed to discover they actually fit and were cute. I also just got my eyebrows waxed, but it makes me feel ugly most of the time because i break out so badly from it. And I got my toes painted blue and my nails Barbie pink last week. If we can’t have silly nails, then what is left in life?
    Sorry, I’m watching the most depressing movie of all time right now… so I’m in a dark place.
    Have fun in Vegas!!

  5. I recently was trying to look at mutual friends of some person it suggested and accidentally friend requested them. I have no idea who it is, but now that person is going to think I’m a total stalker because he/she (I honestly can’t remember) doesn’t know me but sees we have mutual friends. Apparently, you can’t un-friend request someone.

    Have fun in Vegas. We’re going in a month.

  6. i think we all have those moments. sometimes i realize did something so dumb i am shocked that no one else found out before i did, and kicked me out of law school or life or anything. i’m trying to learn to think before i speak more often, because i frequently reveal the dumb things in my head and destroy my facade of competence.

  7. Have fun in Sin City 😉

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