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I’ve been listening to this on repeat all morning:

Yeah, I liked the original version, but I like this one better, sue me.  Ok, I really just have major crushes on Darren Criss and Matthew Bomer, at least one of them is straight IRL. Sigh.  Did you guys see that “Fighter” boxing/shower montage?! I mean, come on now!  Hold on, let me pull myself back together.

Ok.  Yesterday I had a fitness assessment at the gym here, which I’ll write more about on another day, but for now let’s just say it inspired me to put my sweaty workout clothes back on at the end of the day for a real workout.  You know what really hurts?  Running for the first time after two months of bronchitis.  Oh my lord am I out of running shape, and my lungs are out of shape also.  I’m sore today, time to work on that.

I leave for Vegas at the ass crack of dawn on Friday morning, so I should probably pack tonight or tomorrow, but I keep procrastinating in hopes that the forecast will change.  61 degrees is not what I was expecting Vegas to be like in April, I don’t even know what to pack now! Anyway, manis and pedis are happening tonight regardless of whether or not I’ll actually get to wear sandals.

Still no news on the house, but that doesn’t mean I have already decorated and renovated the whole thing, because I have.  Paint colors and bedding included, I told you I have issues.  There may be actual tears if Darren tells me he doesn’t like something when I show him next week.

If anyone has any advice as to how I can unclog my right ear before I hope on a 5 hour flight in two days, I will appreciate it.  Tootle loo!

11 Responses

  1. I would have decorated the entire house too. Except if I did it, it would just be a random collection of crap that doesn’t go together. Much like my house is now. 🙂

  2. so delicious. I’d like to be in the middle of a Darren Criss & Matt Bomer sandwich.

  3. 61 degrees? I had friends who were poolside a few weeks ago… lame! I’ll cross my fingers for you that the temps change. Because your first trip to vegas NEEDS to be epic!

  4. I love Matt Bomer. In my mind, he’s straight and only into slightly pudgy brunettes such as myself.

  5. Ephrine drops should unclog your ear! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to hold a warm, damp washcloth on it for a little bit. I say you bust out the tube tops and sandals regardless of the weather. Too cold? Pshh. That’s what cocktails are for. 🙂

  6. Haha I’ve never really watched Glee, but one of the cast members is coming to Richmond, and I get to meet her! (Is it bad I don’t remember which one…?) It’s for some charity banquet! haha

    I loooove both versions of this song!

  7. Hey PS, I wanted to make sure you got my e-mail the other day! I sent it to your blog address 🙂

  8. Nice video, I like it.

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