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Who Needs a Roof Anyway

So we finally got our shit together and submitted our amended offer to the seller last night, in which we provided an estimate we got to replace the roof and install a Radon system.  We’re asking for both to be covered by the seller in a credit at closing.  We figured that was pretty fair since we’re completely leaving out the fact that windows need replacing, some grading needs fixing, and the furnace and AC could go at any minute.  Almost immediately after receiving our paper work, his realtor called ours and goes, “I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly, they’re asking for the whole price of the roof to be covered?”  So, uh yeah, that doesn’t fill me with warm positive fuzzy thoughts.

The thing is, at the price we finally agreed upon, Dar and I are about $6,000 away from the top of our budget.  Throw in the renovations that need to be done, a deck that needs completing, and then replacing a roof (which costs about $9500) and we’d be in the poor house if we had to pay for all of it.  There’s no waiting on the roof situation either, since it’s about 1 good storm away from leaking.  The way I figure it, he either has to replace it to keep living there, or give us the money to do it.  Hopefully he sees it that way also.  If he doesn’t, we can’t buy the house because we can’t afford to.  If we have to start back at square one, I may go off the deep end. Into a bathtub of wine.

In other news, after 9 years, one of my favorite TV shows ended last night, and I was sobbing before the episode even started.  Damn that Sophia Bush and her crying while saying goodbye, I couldn’t take it!  Side note, words can’t even express how excited I was when she wore a shirt I have on an episode two weeks ago.  Yes, I am secretly still a 16 year-0ld girl.  Yes, the show was a tad ridiculous some seasons, but I loved it and now it’s over foreverrrrrrrrrr. Waaah.  It’s almost as sad as when Friends ended.

Ok, sorry about that, moving on. In one week I’m heading out to Vegas, for what will probably be the quickest Vegas trip of all time.  Nothing like landing out there at 10 am on a Friday and hopping back on a plane at 2:30 pm on a Sunday.  I suspect there will be 0 adjustment to the time change, and lots of zombie like moments while celebrating my bests bachelorette party weekend.  I’m excited.  Then Darren arrives that Friday for a weekend here, I hope I’m fully recovered by then.

This week is throwing me for a loop, and every morning I lay in bed for a few minutes trying to remember what day it was.  This morning the debate was whether it was Thursday or Friday, and unfortunately it’s only Thursday.  Also, does anyone else ever feel like they’re going to work at the wrong time or on the wrong day if traffic is weird?  This morning there was hardly any and usually Thursdays are a nightmare, so for a while there I was convinced I was wrong about something.  Then I remembered it’s Easter/Passover weekend and people are probably on vacation.  I’m not.

Anyway, please cross your fingers that this seller dude gives us the money we need.  I’m becoming one stressed, cranky, bitch and Darren didn’t even want to talk to me yesterday.  It’s getting ugly.


9 Responses

  1. Hope the seller comes through and actually pays for the roof.

    I watched last night too. Love me some Haley and Nathan. Im glad everyone was happy at the end.

  2. I’ve been so confused about what day it is, too! It seems the work days have gone quickly, but I keep thinking it’s a day later than what it actually is because of that… ugh.

    Also, I saw your email last night about One Tree Hill. And then I thought to myself, “that show is still on?”. :p

  3. I could have sworn yesterday was Thursday. I mixed up multiple meetings and my fiance’s work schedule. Now today I just feel confused. And I really wish it was Friday – or better yet Friday at 5pm since I don’t get it off. 🙂

  4. Every morning I’ve woken up this week I’ve had no idea where I was or what was going on. No idea why. But I feel ya.
    Fingers are crossed!

  5. I hope the seller agrees on the whole roof situation. It’s kind of ridiculous if he doesnt. My parents are going to sell their house, and they need a new roof too. Pretty sure it costs twice as much here, because the best price they’re looking at is $20,000. Anyhow, they fully intend to do it first, or lower the price of the house, its called not being an asshole.
    I’m so disappointed that school has interfered with watching One Tree Hill. I’m going to have to buy the last season on DVD because I’ve missed all of it.

  6. You sound so ready for the weekend! The sucks about the roof, but my fingers are crossed that it all works out!

  7. good luck with the house! it sounds very stressful, but no matter what you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.

    and one tip from a shameless, and often successful haggler, don’t be afraid to assert yourself–remember they want to sell and you want to buy, so the only issue is how much and how soon. you’ve got a lot of power here 🙂

  8. I’ve been thrown off all week because we’re not working tomorrow and I wasn’t aware of the Friday off when I started the week on Monday. So I’ve been about a day ahead…which is fine by me because, um, three-day weekend.

    As far as your roof repair request; as a realtor myself, I’d have asked you the same thing in probably the same tone, ha. But you’re absolutely right in that they’re either going to have to replace it for themselves, come down on price, or credit a buyer to replace it. There’s no way they’re going to get out from under that thing without kicking some sort of cash towards the roof if it’s in that bad of shape. I wouldn’t be too nervous just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they countered back in attempts to split the cost…

  9. Good luck, girl, I hope they realize that they’re going to have to give a little either way and hopefully it works in your favor 🙂

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