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Hehe, Gotcha

Soooo, did my sister and I get you with our April Fool’s joke on Twitter?  Didn’t see it, it went something like this:

Where she posted this picture:

Unfortunatelyyyyy I do not actually have a rock the size of my knuckle residing on my left ring finger, but thanks for all the congrats and compliments on it anyway! Haha April Fool’s!  Funny story actually, apparently I was going to get engaged around my birthday this year, but someone (Darren) has a big mouth and couldn’t keep a secret.  I told him to come up with a new plan so I could at least be a little surprised.

So yeah, on Friday I made the spur of the moment decision to grab the cat and head up to PA for the weekend.  My car was due for an inspection soon, and I figured I’d get it over with before the craziness of April and May set in.  Pumpkin came with me, because she is currently on extended vacation at my mom’s house since I’ll be going out-of-town with both my roommates in two weeks.  It’s just easier than trying to find someone to feed her twice a day for three days.

My sister and I had a fantastic sister weekend together, in which we both spend a crap ton of money.  Oops.  Some purchases include, these coral jeans and black top;

An obnoxiously bright pair of green pants and a white polka dot blouse from J. Crew, and a new pair of brown leather wedges.  I’m on a shopping lock down as of right now, because Darren would kill me if he found out how much money I spent while we’re trying to buy things like, ya know a house, and a roof.  I have a problem, I admit it.

The rest of my weekend was spent eating delicious food, and watching movies.  You know what’s a TERRIBLE movie?  The Footloose remake, I couldn’t even keep myself from snickering during it, and I generally like terrible movies.  Also, I spent a few hours yesterday trying to figure out how to steal this 9 month old baby girl.


Why yes, she is gnawing on a Tory Burch make- up case, a girl after my own heart.  She was so good, and so adorable, I want her.  I also now know why moms chop their hair off.  Man, when they get a handful of that they just don’t let go do they?  I’m lucky my hair is still on my head, because baby girl was enamored by it.

Anyway, that’s my weekend for ya, I’m currently lonely and missing my furry snuggle bunny.  Wah.  Hopefully my mom and sister take good care of her while she’s visiting!  I’m off to go find out how much a new roof will cost, fun!

7 Responses

  1. That would have been quite the ring!! Do you have a specific style in mind that you want?

    You’re so much better than me. When I found out my boyfriend was planning to propose (he can’t keep secrets from me) I kept pushing and asking until I narrowed down what I thought would be the date. I was right. I hate surprises! Although in retrospect, it would have been kinda cool if he really had surprised me.

    I can’t wait for your real engagement post!

  2. Love the black top! Looks insanely comfy as well.

  3. Love those jeans, and that top. DAMN YOU, now I want to shop 😦

  4. I’ve been shopping more than my budget allows. It’s not good. But at least I’ll be cute while in credit card debt…

  5. haha I love that Darren can’t keep his proposal plans a secret. I think that’s actually kind of sweet.

  6. First of all, you look gorgeous in that first photo. Like, model caliber.
    Second, I’m jealous of all your purchases. I want bright green or blue pants so badly. I can’t wait to get my car check and go on a shopping spree. It could get ugly.
    And I think I totally would have fallen for that prank had I been on Twitter!

  7. I’m loving the colored denim trend right now!!! 🙂 Those pants are so cute.

    And that’s so funny about the April Fool’s Joke! I DID see it on Twitter and I was wondering if it was for real!

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